d2z the beginning

pc fair 2008 penang version~

to crowded (last day~>.*sigh*) = no money = no new hardware = just get myself a bunch of DVD-R..
and watch hot booth babe

imation DVD-R 50pc+2 free DVD and 5 fridge magnets..haha..
actually i get the intel towel for free..but i think i drop it somewhere in the car..gonna check about it later~

next stop, quensbay mall..went there just to watch movie..watched 'the forbidden kingdom'
starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano, Crystal Liu Yi Fei..
quite okay for me..story about a kid name Jason, who have to return back the Monkey King's stick(sun wukong weapon..it's a stick rite.? hehe)..

action+comedy=jackie chan+jet li..the best part is when Jackie chan wrote something on a piece of paper and miracle happened..you must see it for your self this part~ LOL..

the poster

Jason and Sparrow (the cute but deadly sparrow~hee~)

more on
The Forbidden Kingdom Official Site

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