Fast Update #1

Kuala Lumpur..
This afternoon i'm off to KL (again) *sigh*

UEFA Champion League..congratulation to Chelsea for fighting to the end..i hate MU..haha..
Ronaldo, you suck have no luck when taking penalty this time..yeah~

Tips and Trick
(credit to Nikillas)
For who doesn't know yet how to make your Winamp transparent, here the trick..

1) Open 1 song
3) The winamp will 'blink²' according to your song's beat

repeat #2 to undo transparent winamp..tested on winamp v5.52

anyway, i always minimize my winamp

4 Response to "Fast Update #1"

  1. xpa nik..nnt Zenit bls blk dkt MU ms UEFA Super Cup..hihi

    hana says:

    hahaha...didnt watch the game. anyway, plzz dun hate mu because good footballers are in there. esp mr C.Ronaldo a.k.a penyu...tee hee ^_^V (hana pun besa2 saja dgn mu). have fun in kl and at wedding ceremony nnt. kim slm abg zaini sekeluarga.

    d2z says:

    @zack ya2..go2 Zenit..walaupun aku x penah tgk zenit main..hee~

    @hana ok

    hana says:

    cepat upload gambar khayra using da cam which i am going to borrow for the next 2 years~no objection plzz

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