The PC had a cable management surgery..

yesterday i was going to update a new post on the new Italian'll be on the next post..
back to the topic, yesterday i'm doing a surgery on the pc..i hope it'll end up being like this..

dream neat and nice pc~
picture taken from seanl in lyn forum

it started at about the side's the before surgery picture..

after take off all the cable and route the cable to the back of the mobo tray, i forgot how to put back the power switch, reset switch, led power..oh damn..i searched for the manual..and cant find it..and search for the manual in Google..found it..fuhh..another problem is 1 don't know which pin is ground, positive, negative ect..actually it doesn't just to make those circuit short..huhu~ thanks to Mr husnul fikri for pointing that point to me..hee~

PS: actually the manual is in my lappy bag..*sigh*

and the final stage, it became like this..

need more surgery after this to become like the dream nice and neat PC..

2 Response to "The PC had a cable management surgery.."

  1. menarik2..
    tp stakat ni 'pc' yg plg neat n nice aku pnh tgk..mac pro..hehe~

    d2z says:

    @zack mana leh compare dgn apple..*sigh*..

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