Mechatronics puzzle : I won a NOTEBOOK

last week, i had submitted my answer on the mechatronics puzzle..the question are given in the lecture hour.
here's the question, when u open solenoid 1, both cylinder will be pushed to the right.


i really dont expect that the mystery gift was a notebook..anyway, this is my answer that i submitted to my lecturer..


Switch on solenoid 1
there’s the delay..both cylinder moving to the right

switch off solenoid 1 and switch on solenoid 2
Both cylinder return back to the original position.

“The sequence valve without check allows air flow in only one direction, so in this case, the air have to go back, we have to use a sequence valve with check.”

My name goes here..
School of aerospace engineering
and this is where i put my metric no.

that's my answer and i won a NOTEBOOK..
it is not an ordinary also have a 'stylus' or a pen..

here's the picture of my notebook..

i love my notebook so much!!!

7 Response to "Mechatronics puzzle : I won a NOTEBOOK"

  1. nikillas says:

    aku tertipu dengan notebook itu..

    tapi tahniah..!! haha..

    d2z says:

    itu sememangnya notebook..ada tertulis dekat blakang tu..

    tima kasih atas ucapan tahniah itu..hee~

    callister says:

    haha..2 la psl..
    aku pun sikit lagi nak tertipu..
    anyway tahniah..
    eh you belajar aerospace ek?
    my bro pun belajar 2 gak dulu..
    now jadi engineer kat Transmille.
    eh betul ke eja 2..tah!

    d2z says:

    @callister ala..mana ada tipu pon..btul laa tu mmg notebook..hehe..a'ah amek course aerospace engineering..

    Transmile..btul laa tu

    callister says:

    ye la..memg otak sy dah set notebook 2 benda yang lain kan..
    so my bad..

    d2z says:

    @callister my sis pon ingt menang laptop..hehe

    azima_az says:

    ingt notebook laptop! hahah

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