My First Cheque

Finally, the Jumbo Trail's cheque had arrived.


the RM50 picture..

anyone wanna get my treat? leave comment in 1 hour..

okay. 1 hour had passed.

ps: actually i was thinking to change to wordpress, but i dont have any money yet to buy those custom, still have to wait..anyone wanna sponsor me?

4 Response to "My First Cheque"

  1. Anonymous says:

    ooo.. gamba ni ka?haha
    jpa ktna gajah 2?

    d2z says:

    @azaz jumpa dekat highway dari kelatan nk ke kedah

    Highmax says:

    byk jer ak pnah jumpa gajah gini... kalo tau leh dpt duit, byk2 dah ak amik... hahaha...


    d2z says:

    @highmax tq..len kali amek aa seph..hee~..bleh aa blnja aku skit2..

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