The Vaio Hunt. (VAIO CR353G)

Never heard of it? now its your chance to win a laptop(or another laptop if u already have one). the game is very simple, just collect some visa(s), and then answer some question to complete vaio laptop.

Basically, there are only four steps in this game.

Step 0: Click either one of the picture..

Step 1: Apply for Vaio passport.

Step 2: Get more travel visa.

Step 3: Collect vaio parts around the globe.

Step 4: Submit your entry.

that's all..all you need to do now is just answer a few simple questions to get a vaio laptop..

You dont want to get this thing for free?
VAIO CR3535G..

6 Response to "The Vaio Hunt. (VAIO CR353G)"

  1. Sephiroth says:

    jom pakat2 join VAIO... ak da dpt complete 2 da... hehehe...

    d2z says:

    @sephiroth haha..saja ja nk jatuhkan semangat aku..weh, brenti la berangan nk menang psp..aku nk join btul2 nih..hehe..

    nikillas says:

    hehehehe... semua semangat nak menang vaio tu nampak nye.. ngehehehehe...

    d2z says:

    @nikillas aku dh malas nk men sony vaio tu..suma org dah kumpul byk dh..aku baru 3 ja..hahaha..

    Highmax says:

    ilek la bro...
    jgn patah semangat...

    ak nk kipas ko ngn PSP nih...
    huahua... bulan nih tak dpt, bulan dpn ada lagik... :D

    d2z says:

    @highmax semoga anda tidak dapat lagi pada bulan2 berikutnya..hahaha..jahat gila aku..

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