Iphone 3G Hairline Cracks

OMG..my 1 week iphone has a hairline crack now..



it's not mine okay..(obviously)

images are from here

When you want to exchange your cracked iphone 3G, the staff will said that you had drop it. So, no exchange, you have to stick to that cracked iphone 3G forever.

for those who dream wants to own an iphone, do you still want to get this phone?

Anyway, i'm home now..and yesterday, in the middle of the north-south highway, my motorcycle ran out of fuel..demit.i had to pushed it for around 2meter..yes only two..haha

omg..i noticed that my speedometer had some error..

i shake the motorcycle and it start again..wow..miracle..and after a LONG journey(500m) , it officially died. *demit...arrggh!!! (that's how i feel)

Luckily i found those 'propel' [people who work for plus/at the highway]
and i force them to buy me some petrol..haha..you are very unlucky dude.
i gave him RM10 for a RM4.5 fuel..thanx again..forgot to take his picture.
if u read this post, come to alor star and i will treat you..

4 Response to "Iphone 3G Hairline Cracks"

  1. nikillas says:

    moral of da story...
    "balik kampung jangan pulak lupa isi minyak motor.."


    callister says:

    haha..betul 2..org alor star ke?

    d2z says:

    @nikillas selalunya minyak full dr usm sempat laa sampai gurun nk isi balik minyak..tp kali nih tah laa..x sempat lak..lg 4-5km nk sampai hentian gurun tu abes lak..sdih tul..

    d2z says:

    @callister yerp..org alor star..

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