Iphone? Rock band? Intel Quad Core Xtreme?

i've been tagged by Nikillas..okay..this is 1st time i've been tagged..my 1st reaction when i've been tagged is............no reaction occurs i become Mr Fantastic human torch..out of the way..i'm hot now..

blu-ray version..soooo clear~ and the sound is sooo good~

back to the topic,
in order to respect the person who tagged me, i'll answer all the question given..

It was in Malay, so i'll try to translate the question for you..correct me if i'm wrong.

1. Senaraikan 5 Hadiah Yang Anda Impikan (List 5 presents that you want)
~Inter Quad Core Xtreme
~Macbook Pro..or MacPro
~A car
~Xbox 360 with GH3 controller and rock band kit
~Iphone 3G black with no hairline crack

2. Alasan Terhadap pilihan tersebut…..(the reason you choose the above present)
~i dont have all the item yet..my birthday is next week..so gimme the present~

3. 5 Impresi terhadap orang yang diminati…..(5 impressions to the person that you like)
~ermmm..people that can make me happy? x5

4. 5 Ciptaan yang paling disukai (tidak semestinya melibatkan teknologi) (5 inventions/creations that you like)
~hackers blu-ray/HD-DVD movies

5. 5 Pekara yang dibenci…(5 things that you hate)
~ran out of fuel in the middle of highway
~no internet
~a lot of assignments
~traffic jam

6. Kali pertama naik kapal terbang (1st time boarding an airplane)
~cant remember..but still in primary school..went to kelantan(my hometown)

7. Kali pertama pergi oversea (1st time went abroad?)
~Thailand, 5-10 years old..

8. Kali pertama duduk berjauhan dr keluarga
~13 years old..went to SAINA

9. 5 tmpt yg teringin sangat nak melancong.(5 places that you want to go~)
~Spain(Barcelona stadium)

10. Favourite accesories (aksesori pilihan)

11. 5 perkataan yg selalu sebut..(5 words that i said often)

12. Kalau ada duit…(if i have a lot of money)
~i will buy *refer to question number 1

13. Jika saya tidak belajar/bekerja dlm bidang sekarang…maybe saya…(if i'm not studying rite now, i will,)
~learn how to design a website, template, blog, advertising, hacking, and make a lot of money~

14. 8 lagu yg bleh dgr b’ulang2 kali tnpa rasa muak(8 favorites songs)
~dear god (avenged sevenfold)
~i'm yours (jason mraz)
~marie digby songs
~unbound (avenged sevenfold)
~instrumental and techno songs..

15. Orang yang Mahu di Tagged…(people that i want to tag)
Hot hackers:Azima

9 Response to "Iphone? Rock band? Intel Quad Core Xtreme?"

  1. nikillas says:

    "run out of fuel in the middle of highway"

    hahahaha.. camne leh masuk senarai gak ni...

    Highmax says:

    Ciptaan = Invention/Creation

    Innovation ni bukan refine dari Ciptaan yg ada ker? huhu...

    hana-chan says:

    i agree with highmax

    d2z says:

    @nikillas besa laa..dah ada pengalaman kan..hehe

    d2z says:

    @highmax & hana noted..

    aimZz says:

    pengalaman????ran out of fuel kt hiway mana???plus ka??klo plus ok lg...tkt hiway p klantan ja..horror woo klo kt c2...adei

    callister says:

    owh budak saina kamu rupenye..

    d2z says:

    @callister uiks..tau ek saina..ingt org xtau saina tu apa..hee~

    d2z says:


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