Altec Lansing VS2420 & Sony DSC-T2

went to lowyat plaza yesterday and bought Altec Lansing VS2420 to my speaker collection..haha..omg..

currently i have one for THE PC (philips speaker)

small living room (altec lansing VS4121)

and now, college use speaker (altec lansing VS2420)

After i connect all the plug, cable, the right speaker doesn't work..after a few magic touch, both speakers works..*sigh*
the bass are superb and i like sound like 2.1 speaker..the bass are just nice..for usm engineering campus who wanna try and listen to this speaker. come to my room..hee~

the box

the speaker in action..that's my ipod setup on the right..(ipod nano 3G 8Gb, crossroads mylarone x3i, crossroads portable amp, Beyer dynamic dt231)

all picture are taken with "new" Sony dad bought a JVC handycam to my she had to give her Sony DSC-T2 to i always want to bring the DSLR to the campus..huu~

6 Response to "Altec Lansing VS2420 & Sony DSC-T2"

  1. nikillas says:

    altec lansing bunyi mmg best..
    tu..cawan tu xmo citer ke..?? jam tu plak.. haha..

    d2z says:

    cawan : bought at am/pm shop..
    jam : bought in 2005,,casio..10 years battery warranty..

    wahaha..orait bro?

    hana_6mins before break fasting which is at 1959 says:

    so i guess, nobody can bring the cam farther from the

    d2z says:

    hana > abah nk buat bag utk camera tu ja..pastu abah bg aa bwk mai sini..wahaha

    KY: 'Sentul' Job says:

    tgh planning cam ner nak rampas dslr tuh october nih

    d2z says:

    ky > mission failed..hehe

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