Hari Raya Round up

Yeah..its finally over..for me..heh~

day 0
the day before raya, my brother have to go back to their hometown in ipoh..kinda dull without them.


haha..cute rite..she play with the Guppy Fish and get wet all over her body..so, its Bath time~!!

wash your hand first


day 1
early morning, i watch Zenit vs real Madrid UCL game and fell asleep. the game won by Madrid though. Madrid 2-1 Zenit (sorry Zack..wahaha)

as usual, went to the mosque to perform the Aidil Fitri prayer and went back giving duit raya to all kids that only want to get the money..i only got EM200 from my parents, sister and my brother..at least i don't have to go house by house like those kids and just collect RM18..

day 2

it still full though..doesn't have to refill it this year..i dont really like this Raya Cookies..not my taste..

and today my sister's friends came with her husband..her husband graduate from japan if I'm not mistaken..i love his car so much..demit..invite me laa to take a ride next time..

the owner~

it really make me drool~ (no, its not a Wiralution or Wajalution, it a REAL evo okeh~!)
(picture note : notice the dust at the lens? haha)

day 3

went out to watch movie..KAMI the movie..two thumbs up~!!!

for more detail, click >> projek kami

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