I Love the World. Do you?

As usual, when I'm at home I'll watch discovery channel and boom..de yadda boom this song came out..i know its kinda old..but i just love this song and i want to share with you..

Astronaut 1: It never gets old, huh?
Astronaut 2: Nope.
Astronaut 1: It kinda makes you want to...
Astronaut 2: Break into song?
Astronaut 1: Yep.

I love the mountains,
I love the clear blue skies
I love big bridges
I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world
And all its sights and sounds
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (twice)

I love the oceans
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast
I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world
And all its craziness
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (twice)

I love tornadoes
I love arachnids
I love hot magma
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world
It's such a brilliant place
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (repeating until fade)

discovery channel that i watch and love : Mythbusters, deadliest catch, Man VS wild (this one rock!! haha), Dirty Jobs,

Oh, i love this world (repeat the song..haha)

more details is at I love the world on WIKI
download MP3 here

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