Oliver Twist & Test

Finally, the presentation is over which turn very bad..i manage to pass the minimum 5minutes presentation easily..haha..which is nice..

wanna see the slide?
here you go..

Oliver Twist that i read is a novel which is adapted from the thick Oliver Twist and compress it to became an Oxford Bookworms Library 6(2500 headwords) version
For me its not a boring novel although the lecturer told us that it is boring..i manage to finish read it less around 2 days..(less than 24hours time of reading i guess..)hee

Lan, do you want back your novel?

oops..tomorrow i still have test..so, just a very short update this time..

oh..did i mention that i can't last for at least two days using the white wallpapers? haha..
i change it i guess 2 days after i blog about it..haha..btw, i just invert the colour..dont have enough time to edit it properly..hee..stil,
credit the wallpaper to : kristian's deviantart


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