i know what you did last semester..

yeah, finally my semester 3 had finished. a lot of thing happened..i don't play basketball in a freaking full semester..demit..i miss it so much. anybody wanna play with me?

oh, did you remember when i bought this Altec Lansing speaker? it died after a week ± days and i send it to Sri Komputer in lowyat plaza..and a few days ago my sister collect it from them..its took a freaking long time for them to repair the speaker for me..
*current workstation*

what I'm gonna do this semester? i wanna learn to design my own theme..anything that can be design..i want to learn. css, html, etc.

next, I'll be away from 27-1 Dec..a family vacation to Bandung..yey~!..thats the answer to why my father deposit the RM1.5k..lol..and the passport..

my father had asked me to prepare for him presentation for his lecture. i thought he gonna be back from Kuala Selangor tomorrow..but he gonna be back this night..and i don't start yet..*sigh*..ok..later~

ps : callister and alin, later i'll do the tag(s)~! i fell so lazy rite now..

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