Tangkuban Parahu Mountain

Continue a little bit on the bandung trip. Since USM had 
blocked flickr websites, so i'll have to use picasa to upload 
picture this time.



This web page is not available.

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have moved permanently to a new web address.

WTF, refresh, reupload few times. DONE

This is Wisata Alam Park. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain
 which is an inactive volcano mountain. The sulphur smell 
is so strong that it had killed a TIGER. The temperature 
here is quite low. but i still can go around naked jacket'less'

i really wish sometimes to go and watch the active volcano. 
There is a season of survivor (survivor vanuatu) which 
they have a reward challenge and got the opportunity 
to watch the volcano. it's beautiful.

What i saw there is ONLY THIS~

After the cold and shivering day at Tangkuban Perahu, we 
went to Sari Ater Hot Spring. This is a nice place. 
The concept is like a theme park but the water is hot water. 
It's not really hot, it's more to warm.

actually we went there just to see all the excitement. 
the tour give us around 1hour only. i just put my leg in 
the hottest pool(still warm compare tu ulu legong hot spring) 
and eat hotdog.


Later that night, we headed to this fine restaurant.
They have beautiful waitress all over the place. The food is 
quite nice. i like the mood in this restaurant. *warm feeling*

that's all from now, i hope the cable that snapped again in 
EUROPE is fix. i hate this slow internet connection.~

owh~ before i forgot. happy birhtday to NIZAM

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