UPDATE : this survey is now officially closed. thank you

Just spend 5 minutes to do this survey..
I'm taking Ethnic Relations course this semester.I have a group project and it is about chopstick. My role in this project is to get YOUR opinion about chopstick. do you think it is easier, comfortable, stylish, using chopstick ,etc..just gimme your opinion.

UPDATE : it doesn't matter you want to answer it in Malay, English, or Chinese..

UPDATE2: usually the 'please wait' is not responding if you are using chrome..just wait for a while
it is okay if you are using firefox

the title of this survey : Others races opinions about chopstick. come on guys, do leave your opinion..i want to promote chopstick to others the world :)..do help me with this..i know all of you can give me some good opinions..thank you~

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