AerOlympic Indoor Games' Day

Dont blame me for not updating this blog..this is why i'm not updating this blog..a project to complete a full system of 3 aircraft..

quiz quiz
and rest.. :p

The result for the outdoor games:
Basketball (until semifinal loss 14-15..)
Volleyball (2nd place)

that's all that i had participated..
no pictures for the outdoor games..hee~

Yesterday (Saturday 7 March 2009), the indoor games was held at AEK1 (lecture hall 1 at school of Aerospace)

The available indoor games are:



carom, and

dota all star (3 on 3)

i only participate for PES2009 and the result will be announce later..

This coming Tuesday i have another two tests and preparation for presentation on Thursday about the chopsticks..

the survey is now closed and thanks for those who spends their valuable time to answer the survey.

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