21 Years Old, 21 wishlists

1 Deuter Futura 28

picture taken from here (fashion-origin)

2 Apple MacBook Pro

3 Logitech G series (mouse,keyboard, steering wheel)

4 New phone to replace N6680

5 BroadBand (to use in USM)

6 RapidShare premium account :D

7 Extra HDD

8 Rubik's cube series (i only own 3x3x3 & 4x4x4)

9 play basketball

10 new lens for canon 450D ( L :D )

11 new pair of earphone to replace crossroads x3i

12 better headphone to replace beyer DT231

13 a new computer casing (full tower)

14 brand new 5.1 surround speaker

15 bigger LCD > 22"

16 shoes

17 i dont need a shirt

18 xbox 360/PS3

19 Locoroco 2

20 xbox 360 controller for pc

21 i want to be 1 year younger :D

24 : all of the above :p
*just added*

the wish list is totally in random. it is not sorted according to what i want and what i really want.

but the deuter futura 28 is really what i needed to replace my old deuter bag.
anyone can survey what is the cheapest in the retail store? tq
currently the cheapest is RM305

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