Deuter Futura 28

Yes, i already bought my own birthday present.
Pay yesterday, received today. very fast deal :D (bought it online)
bought from

you don't have to guess what inside that package :)
deuter futura 28

IMG_9746 copy
the tag

IMG_9727 copy
the bag (isometric view)

IMG_9750 copy
side view

IMG_9749 copy
back view

rain cover

cover from rain

IMG_9767 copy
the YKK zip..i don't know this is a good zip until my dad told me. lol

review for this bag will be done later when my next trip to kl on 23 May 2009 :)

PS : my Internet connection at home really sux*..that's the reason I'm not updating this blog.
PS2 : i snap some photos and I'll share with you guys later

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