Final Exam Result 2008/2009 session

Final Exam Result Semester II 2008/2009 session

omg, i accidentally cut the 'Gred'..
sorry, still practising the 'crop' function. :p

I never revealed my actual result, I'm gonna continue this blog tradition..
but for the last semester result, it improves quite a LOT..from zero to hero..hee~

and for my English still the same improvement..*sigh*
*maybe i should write longer..and blog more often*

there's nothing interesting for this week..except for the technical problem that USM is facing now..I'm lazy to talk about can read it here

ps: i'm still have taking one more paper during this break. pray for my success :)
ps2: i hate studying engineering math..
ps3: today i don't eat any rice
ps4: anybody wanna let go their Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS??

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