Help is just a CLICK away

"For heart patients, TIME is RUNNING OUT. But, help is just a CLICK away."

DIGI is trying to raised RM150k in 30days. And you have the power to help with a single click.

just click once on the banner below, and you will donate RM5 to IJN foundation.

IJN Foundation (IJN)


The IJN provides research and medical care for patients with heart complications. Your support will help poor and needy patients through their heart transplant program and the Mechanical Heart Assist Device Programme.

Click the banner above and DIGI donate. :)

do visit nikillas to donate to Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)
and Kak Jie to donate to Majlis Kanser Negara (MAKNA)

dont worry, the digi-i-will-follow-you-man will not follow you.. :)

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