Canon EOS 40D

Previously on the previous post....(bunyi mcm starting cita prison break tu)

date : 29 June 2009
place : excel photo trading (penang road)
total damage : RM 3350

the box..

40D features
Features.. *old features*

body only
Body only..lens not included = less damage to the pocket

CF 50mm uv filter
CF and UV filter are given free..50mm f1.8 = RM320

50mm f1.8
dust on the lens..

4Gb Cf
4Gb CF..old technology used

UV filter
cheap uv filter for the 50mm f1.8

RM80 camera bag

the compartment inside the bag..

sample picture :
flower - Hibiscus

ps :all pictures are taken with canon 40D + 50mm f1.8 II

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