Spudz Microfiber Cloth

Last week, i ordered a 6" x 6" version which cost me around RM28.
it's not just a cleaning cloth to clean your lens. it has a 2-1 function.

Spudz mircrofibre cloth

Clean & calibrate your camera!

Now you can clean and calibrate with the unique 2-in-1 Spudz Photo Cloth. This unique microfiber cloth is available in an 18% gray colour. The 18% gray cloth is more compact than gray cards and will set the white balance on most digital cameras.

i snap a macro picture of the Spudz cloth and compare it with the cleaning cloth that i get from the cleaning set.

heres the shot for the Spudz cloth
ignore the black part.i'm not used to this reverse lens technique.

and here's the cleaning cloth from the cleaning set that i bought.
the picture is not blur. it IS like that.. :p

i used both of them to clean my lens and my lcd. the spudz did an amazing job to clear all the oil/natural oil? + dust on the lens and the lcd. the normal cleaning cloth is much the same to clean the dust, but when it come to clean the oil/greasy stuff/what ever u called it, spudz is the best.

the price for the spudz it self cost me RM28 and for the price rm25, i get a cleaning set which have cleaning cloth, cotton swab, blower, lens tissue, and a liquid to clean the lens.

ps: for the function to calibrate you WB, i dont know much about it yet.. :p

ps2 : ingt nk mkn nando's ari nih..tp mcm x jd ja.. :(

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