Weekend roundup~

early morning, went to the hostel office to collect my parcel..i bought a pair of crocs..i hate the design so much..but i dont know why i bought it in the first place.. :p


later that evening, i went back to my hometown
All my family members gathers together to celebrate 1st day of Ramadhan.


and this is her sister..

start the 1st day of fasting..no picture to take..after 'sahur', fell asleep until noon.. :p

breaking fast on the 1st day is awesome..there are a lot of food we bought at the bazar ramadhan..sadly, forgot to take picture


its raining..around 11pm, poslaju came to my house to sent my parcel. bought optech camera strap + spudz microfibre lens cloth..

my brother and his family + my sister went back around 12pm..i wait until the rain stop..it stop around 5 o clock and went back to USM around that time. but on my way back to usm, it starts raining again. -____-" arrive at USM around 7pm..

ps: selamat berpuasa kepada semua umat Islam..jgn x puasa~

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