How to Install Google Chrome Extensions

1: Go to this link & download the beta version of Google Chrome.


2: Install.


3: after install, Chrome will reboot and you will get this extensions 'menu' under the 'customize and control Google Chrome' spanar.


4: go to the google chrome extensions and the extension you want to use. i'll show example how to install the gmail notifier. Google Mail Checker

click gmail notifier extension Google Mail Checker and click the install tab/button

and a confirmation window will pop up.

click install.


your extensions usually will be at the upper right corner of your chrome.


extra you can uninstall/disable/set your chrome extension by clicking the extensions tab under the 'spanar' or type this at your chrome browser


ps: if you have any question feel free to ask.
ps2: laptop dah hidup balik~!!! :P

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