Aeromodelling Lab

Sorry for lack of update. pretty busy this week.
Test, report, presentation, quiz, tutorial, etc~

but this week lab session is so far the best of all.

we had this aeromodelling lab which was divided into three parts.

Part 1 : Remote Control and Receiver.

which we only had to connect the cable of the control surfaces of the RC plane to the receiver.

this is the RC plane that we used.

after we connect all the cable, we had to calibrate it with the remote control.

Part 2 : Engine

in this part, we just calculate the fuel consumption of the RC plane and estimate how long it will stay air borne with certain amount of fuel.

Part 3 : Aeromodelling Flight Simulator

this is by far the best lab session ever. hahaha.
Remote control. it was connected to the PC and the RC Plane so that we can see the movement of the control surfaces during flight.

My friend, The Pilot. :D

the simulator.

Interesting right. :) bubye~

ps: finally..#*&$(@*&#(@*^$ !@#(*@&#(@*&# @(*@&# :D :D

ps2: kadang2 bawak moto laju² bleh hilangkan tension.

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