We ate 14 Freaking Plates of 1/4 meal at KRogers

Remember my previous post?

We(7 people) decided to have our lunch at Kenny Rogers.

All of them wear red tshirt and only me wearing black tshirt.
*but i do bring red bag. :D

I think the waitress over there think we were out of our mind. ordering SEVEN 1/4 quater meal + SEVEN 1/4 FREE quater meal for the total of 14 freaking plates~!!

Here's the first four that arrive.(four plates for two person) hahaha
IMG_4128 copy

and this is the rest of the plates~
IMG_4132 copy
*notice that one plate have to be on my friend lap. because not enough place to put it. after that we ask the waitress add on another table. :D

ps: dont miss the chance to get free 1/4 meal for any 1/4 meal that you ordered~ you still have time.

pss: i need a wider lens~ :(

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