Flying Start Program part 2

sorry for the delay for part 2 of this post. :)
not feeling well last week + the laziness syndrome to update blog is surrounding me due to many things occurs around me.

so, here's the part 2 of the post.

after the group photo session, the familiarization flight start. and others who doesn't fly can jump in the swimming pool or play the flight simulator.

person who is lightest will fly first. (early flight. more fuel in the aircraft. more weight. hence the lightest fly first. geddit?)

so, activity for gemuk2 + unlucky to catch the first flight :

lepak + sembang2..


playing the flight simulator

jump in the pool

and..after a few hours + raining + lunch + few event i cant's my turn!

this is the aircraft i will be flying with mr pilot (mr graham)

refuel. the blue water thingy is the aviation gas which cost ~ RM6.++/liter..some of the other aircraft can run using normal petrol (ron97)

can u see the hangar at the back? i carried the fuel from there to the aircraft. just saying. lol

still refueling.

to be continue.

there will be 2 videos of the takeoff and landing, since the video is not yet converted, i'll put it up in part 3 + pictures during flying.
kthxbye~ :)

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