How to Follow a blog (blogger) when there is no follow widget?

the title should be, how i read blogs/website that i subscribed. :P

*clear throat*

As you can see, this blog does not have the 'follow widget' thingy like 'normal' blog.
the reason is, i dont follow other people blog, i SUBSCRIBED to their blog.

how to subscribe?

this is how i did it. i dont know how other people do, but this is my way, it may differ with your way.

1st, you must have a google account.

open google reader and sign in with your google account

at the top right corner, there is a "Add subscription" *refer picture mark in red*

click the add subscription and enter the url of the blog you want to 'follow' (read : subscribe)


and if you're using google chrome, install this extension.
Google Reader Notifier.

it will notify you how many unread item you have. *refer picture, 1 unread item*

i dont know, but i think only blogger have this follow thingy. i want to 'follow' wordpress based blog too, and other website such as engadget, flisterz, gizmodo etc.

thats all. bye :D

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