Quick HTML Tips : How to Create a Link That Open in a New Tab

here's a very quick HTML tips for you guys.

a basic HTML code to create link is as below :

<a href="http://d2zack.blogspot.com">link</a>

and when you click on the link, the link will open in a current browser/tab. (click normally laa, not with the scroll button click [yes, you can click using your scroll button] or right click, open in new tab click -_- )

so, here's a code that you should add for the link to be open in new tab.


and the full html code will be :

<a href="http://d2zack.blogspot.com" target="_blank">link</a>

here's an example you can click on
normal link
open in tab link

tested on Chrome and Firefox..i don't know if other browser have problem or not. should be no problem

feel free to ask any question if you have any problem.

ps: i LOLed at the title..i have no idea what's a suitable title..

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