My Laptop Died

Announcing that, my beloved laptop died on Saturday, the day i came back to usm.
I'll blog a lil bit about raya after this. Have to concentrate on tomorrow tests.

i'll be back~ :)

ps: PC~!!

Raya 0

Edisi raya version melayu aa pulak.. :D

ini gambar BERATUR membeli santan di hari raya ke-0

malam raya ke-1..orang masjid surau datang takbir baca doa selamat. penat takbir dekat surau, datang rumah baca doa selamat da laa..

ada sate, nasi dagang, kuih muih, kekacang, keropok, air botol F&N 20 botol, etc~

ps: meniru incik hadi, Selamat Hari Raya (belated) maaf zahir n batin~ :D

ps2: next update terus raya ke-2..raya ke-1 xda gambar..hehehe

Fast Update #6

It had been nearly a week since my last post.

Meet some usm blogger in person and break fast together. (nikillas, hadi, julia bubbles)

compile copy
sorry hadi, cant help it.. :p

and i'm also 'creating' a website for an event which is quite new experience to me.
first time buying domain + hosting + managing it.. :p
quite fun..but still have A LOT to learn.

I will have my replacement test tomorrow. my lecturer didn't email me yet the venue.
do wish me luck.

ps: cant wait to get back to my hometown, internet here is not stable. i have to refresh a lot.

Mirror Cube and Void Cube

Today is holiday. setup a few thing on the project i have to do till noon. i cant preview it yet because i have to show it to the project director first.

weekend roundup:

Friday :
i have two classes on Friday. English and Spacecraft subsystem element.
During the English class, my body started to brake down. after finish the class, i quickly go to the USM medical centre. Took my number and went in to see the medical staff.

after she examine me, (check temperature and blood pressure), she then asked me to go see the doctor.

temp : 38+ Celsius
blood pressure : unknown

high fever, cough, flu

the doctor gave me one day MC since its already Friday.
and she also prohibit me to enter next class which i actually have test on that day.
My lecturer is pregnant, so i dont want to transfer my fever to her. :D i'm a nice i? :p

on that day also my parent came all the way from Alor Star to pick me up. Thanx MAK & ABAH. I will never pay what you had done to me. :)

Saturday :
nothing interesting. the second day i did not fast. :p

Sunday :
Back to the title of the post.. :p
On the way from my home to campus, we stopped by at Megamall Penang.
bought a few softwares and 2 new cubes

Mirror cube :
it have the same color. the differ is only the size of each cube. very interesting.


Void cube:
it is similar to the 3x3x3 cube. it does not have centre. so it is same if you peel off you original 3x3x3 cube centre stickers/caps.

if you think this is easier than the normal 3x3x3 cube, you're WRONG. when you want to solve this cube, you will encounter some parity. google on void cube parity and you will see what i meant. :D

that's all from now.. :)

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