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i present you...... my first....

 success kid

How to Bypass adf.ly, 9.bb, u.bb, j.gs & q.gs

Step 1
You need Firefox browser to continue to Step 2. If you don't have firefox, you can download it here.

Step 2
Install Greasemonkey addon.
If you already have Greasemonkey, you can skip to Step 3.
note: You need to restart your firefox after installing greasemonkey.
So, restart your browser before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3
Go to here and click install at the upper right hand corner.
A pop-up will tell you that the script had been installed.

Step 4


Enable greasemonkey and you're good to go!


R.I.P Steve Jobs


Lenovo Ideapad K1

[Live update | 29 Sep '11, 8.48pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

My dad bought this for my mom..

Foolishly Seeking True Love

Stumbled upon this video. it's brilliant!

Foolishly Seeking True Love from Jarrett Lee Conaway on Vimeo.

ps: saturday = convocation :-|

Blogging via Blogger app

This is an attempt to blog via blogger app

Not that bad..but it lacks some features that i had familiar with..maybe i need to explore it more..anyone had tried this app? You can click the link above to try it.

Dolphin Browser | iPhone Screenshot

Free app..its kinda awesome..chrome lookalike..go get it at the app store

Selamat Hari Raya

Lama x update blog..xda mood lah..nnt laa update yg best2 :)

Selamat hari raya!!!
Maaf laa kalau ada terbuat salah

Dear you...

Snow Walk @ i city

[Live update | 23 Jul '11, 8.25pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Ticket dewasa rm25 & kanak2 rm20 kot termasuk dgn jacket tu..
pkai kasut laa nk selamat..sewa kasut rm10

Wordless Wednesday #3

[Live update | 13 Jul '11, 11.35am MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

i'm currently using Ubuntu 10.04 for my laptop (current version is 11.04)
still need to learn more about ubuntu -___-"

*click image for larger viewing pleasure*

i'll continue part 2 of my korea trip after this :p *lies*

Korea Trip | Part 1

wordless wednesday? :D



the meal

after a few turbulence and 6 hours of flight, we (my sister and I) finally landed on Incheon International Airport

bus schedule.
Took the 6015 bus to Nandaemun Market. Stayed at one of the motel there..although it's an ugly and small motel, it's equipped with a 20 Mbps internet connection!

Lotte World

Star Avenue


BN Youth Job Fair 2011

[Live update | 3 Jul '11, 12.56pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..


Malaysian Typing Speedtest

ini lepas berjalan-jalan ke blog naufal, terjumpa lah link ke Malaysian Typing Speedtest

first try, type laju-laju..pastu result tak load.

second try, dpt 60 per minit..

third try,

dapat nih


pastu malas dah nk buat. -_____-"


ps: oh, naufal ada jugak buat list blogger2 lain yang main type2 nih..so boleh laa click di sini tanpa ragu-ragu

Bersih 3.0

[Live update | 1 Jul '11, 12.50pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Bersih 3.0..potong pokok..pokok tumbang kena line telephone..line telephone putus..internet xda..xle update pasal trip ke korea aritu..sekian sahaja
Semua org bleh terima alasan nh kan :p

Wordless Wednesday #2

@ Namsan Tower

Wordless Wednesday #1

Bye bye Korea :(

[Live update | 20 Jun '11, 5.36pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Edit : oh silap caption..bkn via digi pon..via Airport Free Wifi

Bye Malaysia!

[Live update | 11 Jun '11, 12.33pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Brb :D

Repost : Passport Malaysia

repost from 2008 post -__-

I got my passport done last Sunday.. now, where should 1 I go after exam..hee~
RM300 (sponsored by my dad wallet..) :p + RM3 for the cover (for the passport)

ps: :"> i miss you........................not! jk! :-\

USM Examination Result 2010/2011 Session

Final exam for 2010/2011 semester 2 result is out. in case you don't know how to check your result, you can head on to campus online to check your result.

Last semester (semester eight) is the best result i get (Alhamdulillah)


there are ups and downs during my 4 years of study. The worst results are during my second and third semester -__-

dont know what happened, maybe still dont know how to prepare for final exam yet during that time lol

anw, congratulation to all who manage to achieve what they want :)

ps: cant wait for next week. teeheehee

It's The Future, Where Are The Flying Cars?


source : 9gag.com

American Idol 10 Winner is... (spoiler alert)

[Live update | 26 May '11, 10.09am MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..


Langkawi Cable Car

[Live update | 20 May '11, 4.44pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

View inside langkawi cable car

I'm on My Way to...

[Live update | 20 May '11, 8.39am MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..


Time Lapse using Canon 40D

here's my second attempt doing time lapse video. still using canon 40D with canon utilities software.

583 pictures. forgot how many hours. the time interval also different. majority is 15 second and during their lunch break, the interval is around 1.5 minutes.

anw, enjoy the video >.<

feel free to leave your comment :)

oh, this is my neighbor's house. view from my room :)

ps: start lewat sbb dok tgk running man. hahaha..x perasan depa dah start stacking bumbung2 tu.. -_-"

Dragonfly | Macro | 5 Pictures






C&C are all welcome.. :)

if you wanna see the setup, you can look at this post



why this is the best sunset in my life? let the picture do the talking.. :p

if you wanna join this contest, click on the banner. the rules are
Syarat-syarat penyertaan:
1) Follow afundee-photography.com ( yang dah follow terus layak menyertai)
2) buat satu entry tentang gambar sunset dan masukkan banner di atas pada entry dan link pada blog afundee-photography.com dan tag pada kawan-kawan blogger yang lain.
3) entry tersebut mesti ada 1 GAMBAR sunset yang ANDA RAKAM dan 1 CERITA kenapa sunset tersebut yang "the best" buat anda. penyertaan akan terbatal serta merta jika gambar tersebut bukan gambar yang anda rakam.
4) apa-apa jenis kamera termasuk kamera handphone pun boleh join
5) terdapat 2 kategori iaitu:
i) Gambar sunset terbaik
ii) Cerita yang menarik
6) hanya 1 pemenang dari setiap kategori akan dipilih. jadi akan ada 2 pemenang.
7) hadiah :
RM50 beserta ebook fotografi afundee-photography.com

8) tarikh tamat adalah pada : tepat 12.00 tengah malam 11/05/11 ( hari lahir saya )

ps: oh, i think this is the first time i join a contest -_-" lol

Preview : Macro | Dragonfly

Im at Kelantan right now. I'll upload the pictures later :-B

Quick HTML Tips : How to Create a Link That Open in a New Tab

here's a very quick HTML tips for you guys.

a basic HTML code to create link is as below :

<a href="http://d2zack.blogspot.com">link</a>

and when you click on the link, the link will open in a current browser/tab. (click normally laa, not with the scroll button click [yes, you can click using your scroll button] or right click, open in new tab click -_- )

so, here's a code that you should add for the link to be open in new tab.


and the full html code will be :

<a href="http://d2zack.blogspot.com" target="_blank">link</a>

here's an example you can click on
normal link
open in tab link

tested on Chrome and Firefox..i don't know if other browser have problem or not. should be no problem

feel free to ask any question if you have any problem.

ps: i LOLed at the title..i have no idea what's a suitable title..

What's New in Google Chrome 11?

Google had release their latest version of web browser. The latest version now is 11.0.696.57.

what's is the significant change in Chrome 11?

1: google chrome new icon


2: HTML5 Speech Input API

3: GPU-accelerated 3D CSS turned on by default

4: GPU-based hardware acceleration and WebGL disabled for Windows XP

update your google chrome now. or you can download it here.

Google Chrome Releases

About Me

i cant really remember where i found out about About Me. Quote from their website :

A lot of us have multiple online profiles scattered across various services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter. And one problem we face is pulling all of this information together to build a single on-line identity — be it for personal use, or to create a professional on-line profile.

Basically, About Me is a personal page that you can build your personal profile page that points visitors to your blog, twitter, flickr etc etc.

I joined today, and here's mine


click on the picture to go to my about me page.

the picture i used for background is from during my photo outing.

ps: why is everybody so serious, acting so damn mysterious

Kucing | Cat | Neko

*click image for larger viewing pleasure*

Camera Canon EOS 40D
Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
 Aperture f/1.8Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 800
click here to view in flickr

ps: lama betul x post gambar kan.. :D

23 years old and counting...

dua puluh tiga kucing berlari,
mana nak sama si kuda belang,
dua puluh tiga tahun umur hari ini,
(isi tempat kosong) xda idea. hahaha

sila abaikan pantun mengarut tu..

btw, my niece called, and...

khayra:     happy birthday pachu!!
me:           terima kasih khayra
khayra:     terima kasih jaa kaaa?
me:           pastu nk ckp apa?
khayra:     cakap laa thank you
i was like -__________-
she's turning 4 kot this year..ka 5 tah.. :-\

Check out my previous birthday posts.
19 bertukar menjadi 20
21 years old, 21 wishlists
i'm 22

usually, i'll buy something for my self, but this year, since i bought this, i just assumed it's my early birthday present. lol

oh. esok last paper for this semester.

kbye have fun :)

ps: m getting old.. -_____-

Happy Birthday!

d2z's blog turns 3 today!

yeah, 3 years and counting man..click here for my first post..nothing fancy though..lol

anyway, been busy before this completing my final year project thesis..
thank god i dont have to struggle much to complete it..

and now i'm preparing for my last final exam paper on 26 April..hopefully :)

oh, and do follow me on twitter. i update there more often compared to here. :p

Seoul Garden!

[Live update | 9 Apr '11, 1.19pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Plan ingt nk keluar makan ramai2..tp sikit ja yg p.. -__-"

Don't Judge Me

waahh tajuuukkk..lol..it's a quote from this video
It's freaking hilarious..must watch!

ps: m quite busy right now..expect less update from me. -_-"

Solid Propellant Rocket Motor (SPRM) Static Test

Static Test. -_-

Ready for take off?

*click for larger viewing pleasure*
taken during Aerospace Engineering Career Carnival on 26 March 2011 @ Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Acheh | Pilot : En Amir

ps: the plane is waiting for us, we have to get to the game!


crash by Sum 41

the original version is much slower than this youtube version. -___-"

Malam Angkasa 1001 Bintang

[Live update | 24 Mar '11, 9.15pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Malam Angkasa 1001 Bintang (dinner for school of aerospace engineering)
Dekan dah sampai dah pon.org lain x sampai lg -___-"

Propellant Lab

[Live update | 22 Mar '11, 11.15am MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Semalam technician cakap ada pelawat nak datang..xtau laa sapa..
tp nh laa propellant lab yang sudah di kemas. Kemas kan? Lol -____-"

Dalam gambar tu, sebelah kanan tu ada propellant grain dan rocket motor(yang pendek tu senior punya, yang pjg tu baru laa sy punya :-B ).

Atas meja sebelah kiri grain yang tak keluar dari mould lg.

Pilot is Born! F4U Corsair Flight Test Video

*available in 720p!*

broke the landing gear during first landing in this video. :-\

applied some tape for second part of flying..causes some wiggling during the second take off..lol
attempt to roll the airplane but not successful. -___- luckily it didn't crash.


anyway, enjoy the video!
pardon the dust on the lens ._.

due to copyright, this video is blocked in Germany. -__________-"

Garlic Mushroom Chicken @ Secret Recipe

Photo Mar 19, 8 47 36 PM
captured using Instagram app. app ini sangat seronok.

Photo Mar 19, 8 46 27 PM
Garlic Mushroom Chicken. RM14.00

itu sahaja. :|

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