Commercial Shot For Rocket Motor (SPRM)

This is the thing that i had to fabricate during my industrial training.
since tomorrow i had to do some presentation, i decided to make some sort of comercial shot of
the Solid Propellant Rocket Motor (SPRM).

this is the rocket nozzle, as u can see, the nozzle already oxidized. lazy to sand and apply some oil to protect it..uhu~

and this is the bulkhead..usually bulkhead is in front of the rocket.. :)

and this is all of them can see the picture is a lil bit overblown at the motor casing due to the flash fire directly on it and i dont notice about it till i upload in my pc..

all picture are taken with
canon 40D
60mm macro lens
off shoe flash

ps: ignore the crappy background..that's the thing i want to use as my poster. hehe
pss:do not use my picture without permission. tq~

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