I'll be away around 4-5 days..

it's time for me to go and have my vacation with my family..pray for us to have a safe journey..

image courtesy : http://rika.moo.jp/blog/

when this post is written, i still dont finish packing up my things..so lazy..
just finish sync my ipod, charge my handphones, psp, camera batery, clearing all the memory cards..

i'll bring only one backpack..and 1 camera's bag..anyway, if there is any wifi i can find, i will update through plurk..since it is easier for me to update my plurk..so, follow my plurk ok..

ps: baby, i love you so much..wait for me ok..(this is only for her..)

Windows 7 screenshots

This is the testing purpose version for windows 7.
Pirating a software is illegal and do not ask me where to get the image/direct/download or anything else. lol.. :p

Basically Windows 7 is a rip off from Vista i guess. The entire features is 90% same with Windows Vista.

The boot time for Windows 7 is faster than Vista, which is a good thing about this new OS from Microsoft.

new paint..

my computer

Computer system

the new 'right click features' notice the gadgets button?

it is actually the same with Vista sidebar..you can place it anywhere you want..still same with vista..


theme that you can choose

display setting..

the thumbnail view at the taskbar..you can deactivate this to increase your computer performance..

the switching between windows features..(windows key + tab)

windows media player..

that's all that i can do for now..if you have any question, you may ask here..thank you..enjoy..

ps: usm bloggers..please click here to view all the pictures that has been block by ppkt..

Welcome to our family...

A few days ago, my father ask me to go with him to take 'something'..

"what is it?"
he replied "just follow or you might regret.."

so, i follow him and take my mother from work to go there..

when we got there, woot..new car..
more picture after this..

can u guess what car? it's pretty easy i guess..

Western Digital 500Gb SATA harddisc

Today i decided to buy new hard disc..i want to clear all the thing in my laptop
the reason that i buy new hd is because i'm very lazy to burn all the movies/series/pron,installer to a dvd..
Installer for games is big now. not enough space to burn in the dvd..

here's the picture of the new hd

the 2.5" external hd casing (sata)for my laptop = RM15
WD 3.5" 500Gb sata hd = RM213

now i noticed that there is a scratch at the power/reset button..haish~

after taken out the main hd in the laptop..


this is how to route the cable in your pc..hee~ i'm still newbies in cable management..still not have gut to make hole in the casing..huu~


PhotoBlog #2

--Torch Effect~ (noob try..haha)--














feel free to comment~

Pioneer 5.1 Surround System

Yesterday do some wiring for the speaker..5.1 speaker but all of it put at the front..
so, my father decided to extend the wire and put to the place it should be..
the speaker bass is not that good, compare to my altec lansing vs4121,
this pioneer 5.1 speaker cant beat it..my opinion only..hehe..


anyway, after all the rewiring and testing, there is no surround system available for astro channel..*confused* really dont have a?
or is it because of the old tv system? (my father said maybe will upgrade to plasma tv~ yey~)

Bandung Indonesia Tour Nov 2008

according to the tour agency, the program should be like this:

27.11.08 (2200)
from Alor Star, take the bus to LCCT Kuala Lumpur.

28.11.08 (0700)
Depart from LCCT to Jakarta (Bandaraya Sukarno Hatta)
trip to
Dufan (disneyland?? wtf..got disneyland at indonesia?)
Istiqlal Mosque
Aguns Sundal Kelapa Mosque(if got time)
Surabaya Road Antique Store
Indonesia Safari Park, Cisaru

trip to Takuban Perahu (gunung berapi)/Ciater Hot Spring/ Cimpelas Jeans Centre and Factory outlets(new pair of jeans perhaps..hehe)

shpping @ ITC Pasar Baru shopping centre
Elizaberth Bags Centre
Cibaduyut shoes centre
(full day emptying wallet..)

after breakfast, depart from bandung to jakarta
trip to MONAS(national Monument)
Mangga Dua shopping centre
depart from Bandara Sukarno Hatta to Penang, Malaysia.

That's all the program that had been told to me..

ps: reminder, its not confirm yet..haha..lol

i know what you did last semester..

yeah, finally my semester 3 had finished. a lot of thing happened..i don't play basketball in a freaking full semester..demit..i miss it so much. anybody wanna play with me?

oh, did you remember when i bought this Altec Lansing speaker? it died after a week ± days and i send it to Sri Komputer in lowyat plaza..and a few days ago my sister collect it from them..its took a freaking long time for them to repair the speaker for me..
*current workstation*

what I'm gonna do this semester? i wanna learn to design my own theme..anything that can be design..i want to learn. css, html, etc.

next, I'll be away from 27-1 Dec..a family vacation to Bandung..yey~!..thats the answer to why my father deposit the RM1.5k..lol..and the passport..

my father had asked me to prepare for him presentation for his lecture. i thought he gonna be back from Kuala Selangor tomorrow..but he gonna be back this night..and i don't start yet..*sigh*..ok..later~

ps : callister and alin, later i'll do the tag(s)~! i fell so lazy rite now..

Xpert Eleven

Guess what? answer~

Finally, i only had 1 paper left until a full one month of gaming/movie/series marathon..hehe..

who got it correct?
aimZz > 1st one who got it correct
congratulation..sorry..no prize or anything for u~

more for full picture..

Guess what?

I dig in my external hdd and i found this picture..lets have a small game.
guess what/who is it/he/she in the picture above

its a food, animal, insect, fruit.. or maybe its a green crab? just guess..err..i also no idea what it is :P..
don't ask for clue or hints..haha..just wanna make u guys confuse

ps: !hint is disable in this blog.. :p

Follow my Plurk~

Twitter? lazy to update..and plurk is more fun..add me/follow my plurk~..

i still have 3 more papers..english(10.11.08), thermodynamics(14.11.08), and strength of materials(17.11.08)

lots of interesting had happened..but i dont have camera with me..and those crappy phone does not have enough quality to be post up..and i also cant access flickr..dunno what happened..anyway, just follow my plurk..u can see what i'm doing~

read for more..

here's the plurk update..i already put it in my sidebar..click here for more info..

Inter Core i7 Price

tomorrow is my 1st paper..wish me luck..pray for my success..and sorry for the late reply for previous post..hee~

before that..this is the new price for the intel i7 and supported mobo..

Core i7 920 € 280 (RM1300)
Core i7 940 € 550 (RM2550)
Core i7 965 XE € 970 (RM4500) << wtf..huhu

Asus Rampage II Extreme Edition € 410 (RM1850)
Asus P6T Deluxe OC Palm Edition € 300 (RM1400)
Asus P6T Deluxe € 265 (RM1250)

Intel DX58SO € 275 (RM1270)

MSI X58 Platinum € 250 (RM1150)
MSI Eclipse SLI € 336 (RM1550)

GA-EX58-UD5 € 260 (RM1200)
GA-EX58-Extreme € 310 (RM1450)

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