Philips 42" LCD TV


Introducing a new gadget@home. Brand new Philips 42 inch LCD tv. price at ~2.8k

i cant remember the exact model of the LCD TV. but here's some comparison between Plasma tv and LCD tv.

The ADVANTAGES of Plasma over LCD are:

1. Larger screen size availability.

2. Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks.

3. Better color accuracy and saturation.

4. Better motion tracking (little or no motion lag in fast moving images).

Merry Christmas~!

Merry Christmas to my friends who celebrate Christmas.

quote from noktahhitam

To my christian friends. Happy Christmas! It's so sad Santa can't come to Msia. We have no chimneys nor a fire place.

lol :)

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions

1: Go to this link & download the beta version of Google Chrome.


2: Install.


Salam Awal Muharam


Salam Awal Muharam~


· Nama : Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim.
· Tarikh lahir : Subuh hari Isnin, 12 Rabiulawal bersamaan 20 April 571
. Masehi (dikenali sebagai Tahun Gajah; sempena peristiwa tentera
. Abrahah yang menyerang kota Kaabah).
· Tempat lahir : Di rumah Abu Talib, Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
· Nama bapa : Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim.
· Nama ibu : Aminah binti Wahab bin Abdul Manaf.
· Pengasuh pertama : Barakah Al-Habsyiyyah (digelar Ummu Aiman. Hamba
perempuan bapa Rasulullah SAW).
· Ibu susu pertama : Thuwaibah (hamba perempuan Abu Lahab).
· Ibu susu kedua : Halimah binti Abu Zuaib As-Saadiah (lebih dikenali
Halimah As-Saadiah. Suaminya bernama Abu Kabsyah).

New Project!


hello world. yeah, sorry for not updating my blog quite some time already.

being busy with the current project *doing a website for an event*

its fun to learn new things but looking at the code make me dizzy. lol

the website is still under construction. i'll let you know once it is 'qualified' to be published to the world. :P

ps: the picture is not the website. its just the code.
ps2:i heard that my dad bought a new plasma tv/lcd tv. cant wait to get back home. wohoo~
ps3: maybe i should build a HTPC rig at home.
ps4: no idea to design poster for that event. ):

d2z's blog NEW TEMPLATE!

Yeah, you had landed in the correct blog. :D

*click for larger image*

*click for larger image*

any comments/problems/critiques/etc are all welcome.

ps: i'm not the creator of this template. just modified it a lil bit to allow my big a$$ picture(640x480) to fit in. :p

*credit are at the footer*

ps2: all link will be added shortly. i have meeting at 930am and will continue after that.

USM Final Exam Result Semester 1 (2009/2010)


Alhamdulillah semua lulus~ :)

ps: Memulang ke USM lepas Solat Jumaat

UPDATE (24 DEC '10) : if you're looking for USM FINAL EXAM RESULT SEMESTER 1 2010/2011 session, head on here > Campus Online. good luck

Belalang & Lalat

Ini Belalang

belalang | ƃnɐןɐןǝq

Ini Lalat

lalat | ʇɐןɐן

Fast Update #7

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

i'm at my kampung @ kelantan. will be back online on sunday

ps: i bought hotfile premium account. surely better than rapidshare~ woot~ :p

Review : Steelseries Merc Stealth

Next review, Steelseries Merc Stealth Keyboard.
i bought this combo with the mouse and the price is the same as the mouse.

this is the box. The keyboard itself it quite heavy *cannot lift it up to play guitar hero~ :p

out of the box~ in the box, it only consist of the keyboard it self, manual and the brochure. the software for the keyboard you have to download yourself at here

SteelSeries Merc Stealth Highlights:

- SteelSeries Z Engine enables programmability of all keys

- Pre-defined profiles for more than 150 games

- 3 color illumination options: blue, purple and red

- Internal hub with 2 USB ports

- Anti-ghosting capability: Up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes

- Special gaming key area

- Rubberized movement keys for enhanced tactile feedback

full spec : click here

compare the size with the old logitech keyboard

this are the color available~



What the best part of the keyboard is, almost all the key you can set to macro. the software is quite slow and not so friendly. other than that, two thumbs up~ :D

ps: again, this is not a review rite? lol
ps2: full review : click here

Review : Steelseries Ikari Laser

Remember i bought my steelseries qck?
hop on there to see my first steelseries product~ :D

Next steelseries product is.....

Presenting the Ikari Laser~ shiiiing~

This is my third gaming mouse after the Razer Copperhead had some problem with the clicking thingy and the Aztech X7 mouse wire had been exposed.

The packaging are quite simple and elegant~ :p
IMG_3656 copy
i'm not a hardcore gamer but i dunno why i spend so much to buy things like this~ :(

Here's what in the package :

The mouse

The software, sticker, manual, and other product booklet

the mouse does not require any driver, just plug and play. the software are used to set the macro button, CPI, profile etc~

and the silica gel~

before i proceed, click here for official spec and others

I do the pros and cons based on my experience with razer copperhead and aztech x7


-definitely better grip compare to Razer and slightly better than Az X7
-macros button are easily set compare to Aztech X7 which is confusing me.
the razer is user friendly too.. :P
-can set CPI (counts per inch in increment of 1) compare to razer and aztech both of the mouse has certain value of DPI (dots per inch) maybe the term is different, but the concept is the same i think.
-large teflon surface under the mouse.
as in the picture
-can change the CPI on the fly~ woot~
-the 'sleeved' and long cable
-can wrote ur name under the mouse :p

-freaking expensive
-less 2 buttons compare to Razer and same button as Aztech X7
-quite large but it fits my large hand perfectly (according to others, it is too large)
-cant think of any :P

maybe it is not a review..its only based on my experience using this mouse and if you have any question, just hit it~

update : i bought in online at forum~

ps: 2 more papers to go~
ps2: blog aku pelik..sekian..hahaha

It's really hard to find

*click for larger view*

It’s easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you

ps: 4 more papers to go~
ps2: next is Aircraft Aerodynamics


IMG_3693 copy

2 down..5 more to go~


ps : i think i'm falling in love again~ :p

I Love ME

*click for larger image*

I love me
end of story~
don't have much time to study..uhu..
all the best for me!

wallpaper? : click here

Good Luck & All the best

Good Luck


Final Exam Semester 1 2009/2010

From the previous post, i thought i can post more after the internet is stable. due to lot of assignments (5 assignments at the end of the semester.. -____-") and 2 tests.

anyway, here is my final exam schedule.








7 papers to tackle this semester. :D

ps: remember the 'new lecturer', she did not teach us the engineering drawing, instead she gave lecture about airworthiness etc..cant remember.. :p (is she reading my blog? hohoho)

ps2: all the best to others who taking their final exam.

ps3: this is Mr. PC @ dusty USM.. :D

pc @ usm
on top of Mr. PC are parts of Mr. Laptop.. :(


Finally internet is stable right now..sort of..dont know its just for a while or not.
nothing much happen in this few weeks.

done doing english sketch where my dialogue is only "green trees!" & "seize the day"

english interview

and for this week :

composite test

listening test

dean will come in to our class to evaluate our new lecturer.

dean will come in to 'our class' (we have to pretend like taking the engineering drawing class which we already took it during our 1st year of study) to evaluate 'our new lecturer'.

ps: maybe more update after tuesday?
ps2: wish me luck for test tomorrow. huu~

Google Chrome Theme

Internet connection here still suck..always have to refresh the webpage..huu~

I dont know am i the only one who just knew about this.
You can actually change the theme of google chrome. there are a lot of it..just choose and apply.

anyway, here's mine.

google theme

click here to install the late night theme.
*click picture for larger viewing pleasure*

oh, to install the theme, just click on the thing that i had mark in yellow color.

ps: i dont know the picture had been uploaded or not. blame the internet please. :p
ps2 : or just click the link and install. it's just the same.

Raya 1,2,3 & 4

Raya 1 :
bgn pagi, solat sunat raya, bersalam-salaman
memberi duit raya pada budak2

Raya 2 :
bertolak ke Kelantan melawat nenek yang masuk hospital.
Singgah sebentar di puncak titiwangsa.

puncak titiwangsa
ignore the cacat awan. :p

Smpai lebih kurang pukul 3ptg.

Raya 3 :

malawat sanak saudara di kampung sambil mengutip duit raya..hahaha

Raya 4 :
bertolak pulang ke Alor Star 6.30pg.

singgah sebentar di bukit bunga shopping centre.

bhenti rehat lg dekat puncak titiwangsa & tasik banding tapi gambar x dpt upload lagi.

to be continue~

ps: sorry, reply pon x dpt comment. internet ada sikit problem.
ps2: ada org nk sponsor broadband?

My Laptop Died

Announcing that, my beloved laptop died on Saturday, the day i came back to usm.
I'll blog a lil bit about raya after this. Have to concentrate on tomorrow tests.

i'll be back~ :)

ps: PC~!!

Raya 0

Edisi raya version melayu aa pulak.. :D

ini gambar BERATUR membeli santan di hari raya ke-0

malam raya ke-1..orang masjid surau datang takbir baca doa selamat. penat takbir dekat surau, datang rumah baca doa selamat da laa..

ada sate, nasi dagang, kuih muih, kekacang, keropok, air botol F&N 20 botol, etc~

ps: meniru incik hadi, Selamat Hari Raya (belated) maaf zahir n batin~ :D

ps2: next update terus raya ke-2..raya ke-1 xda gambar..hehehe

Fast Update #6

It had been nearly a week since my last post.

Meet some usm blogger in person and break fast together. (nikillas, hadi, julia bubbles)

compile copy
sorry hadi, cant help it.. :p

and i'm also 'creating' a website for an event which is quite new experience to me.
first time buying domain + hosting + managing it.. :p
quite fun..but still have A LOT to learn.

I will have my replacement test tomorrow. my lecturer didn't email me yet the venue.
do wish me luck.

ps: cant wait to get back to my hometown, internet here is not stable. i have to refresh a lot.

Mirror Cube and Void Cube

Today is holiday. setup a few thing on the project i have to do till noon. i cant preview it yet because i have to show it to the project director first.

weekend roundup:

Friday :
i have two classes on Friday. English and Spacecraft subsystem element.
During the English class, my body started to brake down. after finish the class, i quickly go to the USM medical centre. Took my number and went in to see the medical staff.

after she examine me, (check temperature and blood pressure), she then asked me to go see the doctor.

temp : 38+ Celsius
blood pressure : unknown

high fever, cough, flu

the doctor gave me one day MC since its already Friday.
and she also prohibit me to enter next class which i actually have test on that day.
My lecturer is pregnant, so i dont want to transfer my fever to her. :D i'm a nice i? :p

on that day also my parent came all the way from Alor Star to pick me up. Thanx MAK & ABAH. I will never pay what you had done to me. :)

Saturday :
nothing interesting. the second day i did not fast. :p

Sunday :
Back to the title of the post.. :p
On the way from my home to campus, we stopped by at Megamall Penang.
bought a few softwares and 2 new cubes

Mirror cube :
it have the same color. the differ is only the size of each cube. very interesting.


Void cube:
it is similar to the 3x3x3 cube. it does not have centre. so it is same if you peel off you original 3x3x3 cube centre stickers/caps.

if you think this is easier than the normal 3x3x3 cube, you're WRONG. when you want to solve this cube, you will encounter some parity. google on void cube parity and you will see what i meant. :D

that's all from now.. :)

Manhattan Fish Market @ Autocity, Juru

Happy Independence Day Malaysia :)

after kimi & darklight post at their blog about MFM, i decided to go to Manhattan Fish Market at autocity, Juru to break fast.

For starters and appetizers, we choose the Fried Country Mushrooms.


yummmy~ :D *puasa puasa* haha :p


i call this, the universal dip~ *shiiiing*

Than, we ordered the Manhattan Chowder. Yesterday soup-of-the-day is salmon. They also have the clam and seafood chowder.


it has a fancy taste though. i don't know how to describe it. but not my personal favorite.

and for the main dish, we ordered the Ramadhan promotion set. Satis-Fish-ion set for 2.


*click image for larger viewing pleasure*

2 sides that we had chosen are the Garlic Butter Rice and the chips


here come the waiter to fired up the prawns. oh my, the creamy sauces thingy is marvelous. the prawns are my favorite. :D


the complete-large potion-set for 2. *if you're a girl, please bring 1 more friend. the portion is too much to handle.*

we ended up did not touch the chips at all..huu~

+ the chips is not that good :p

and for the dessert, brownie with chocolate ice cream.


you can choose to have chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

and now come the best part..the total damage for our break fast yesterday


RM63.60 the Ramadhan set
RM8.90 Salmon Chowder
RM9.90 Fried country mushrooms
±tax and service

Grand total : RM94.75

For the price we pay, both of us leave MFM satisfied~

MFM Juru AutoCity
Lot No. 1825-G-1
Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City Northsouth Highway
Juru Interchange
13600 Prai, Penang

Tel : 04-5018 668

ps: kak juls, sila jeles.. :D
ps2 : incik kimi, bila mau buka puasa sama2 plak? :p

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke-52

#merdeka ~!! #merdeka ~!! #merdeka ~!!

Don't forget the 24hours merdeka tweets~ :D

Spudz Microfiber Cloth

Last week, i ordered a 6" x 6" version which cost me around RM28.
it's not just a cleaning cloth to clean your lens. it has a 2-1 function.

Spudz mircrofibre cloth

Clean & calibrate your camera!

Now you can clean and calibrate with the unique 2-in-1 Spudz Photo Cloth. This unique microfiber cloth is available in an 18% gray colour. The 18% gray cloth is more compact than gray cards and will set the white balance on most digital cameras.

i snap a macro picture of the Spudz cloth and compare it with the cleaning cloth that i get from the cleaning set.

heres the shot for the Spudz cloth
ignore the black part.i'm not used to this reverse lens technique.

and here's the cleaning cloth from the cleaning set that i bought.
the picture is not blur. it IS like that.. :p

i used both of them to clean my lens and my lcd. the spudz did an amazing job to clear all the oil/natural oil? + dust on the lens and the lcd. the normal cleaning cloth is much the same to clean the dust, but when it come to clean the oil/greasy stuff/what ever u called it, spudz is the best.

the price for the spudz it self cost me RM28 and for the price rm25, i get a cleaning set which have cleaning cloth, cotton swab, blower, lens tissue, and a liquid to clean the lens.

ps: for the function to calibrate you WB, i dont know much about it yet.. :p

ps2 : ingt nk mkn nando's ari mcm x jd ja.. :(

Weekend roundup~

early morning, went to the hostel office to collect my parcel..i bought a pair of crocs..i hate the design so much..but i dont know why i bought it in the first place.. :p


later that evening, i went back to my hometown
All my family members gathers together to celebrate 1st day of Ramadhan.


and this is her sister..

start the 1st day of picture to take..after 'sahur', fell asleep until noon.. :p

breaking fast on the 1st day is awesome..there are a lot of food we bought at the bazar ramadhan..sadly, forgot to take picture


its raining..around 11pm, poslaju came to my house to sent my parcel. bought optech camera strap + spudz microfibre lens cloth..

my brother and his family + my sister went back around 12pm..i wait until the rain stop around 5 o clock and went back to USM around that time. but on my way back to usm, it starts raining again. -____-" arrive at USM around 7pm..

ps: selamat berpuasa kepada semua umat Islam..jgn x puasa~

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