Manhattan Fish Market @ Autocity, Juru

Happy Independence Day Malaysia :)

after kimi & darklight post at their blog about MFM, i decided to go to Manhattan Fish Market at autocity, Juru to break fast.

For starters and appetizers, we choose the Fried Country Mushrooms.


yummmy~ :D *puasa puasa* haha :p


i call this, the universal dip~ *shiiiing*

Than, we ordered the Manhattan Chowder. Yesterday soup-of-the-day is salmon. They also have the clam and seafood chowder.


it has a fancy taste though. i don't know how to describe it. but not my personal favorite.

and for the main dish, we ordered the Ramadhan promotion set. Satis-Fish-ion set for 2.


*click image for larger viewing pleasure*

2 sides that we had chosen are the Garlic Butter Rice and the chips


here come the waiter to fired up the prawns. oh my, the creamy sauces thingy is marvelous. the prawns are my favorite. :D


the complete-large potion-set for 2. *if you're a girl, please bring 1 more friend. the portion is too much to handle.*

we ended up did not touch the chips at all..huu~

+ the chips is not that good :p

and for the dessert, brownie with chocolate ice cream.


you can choose to have chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

and now come the best part..the total damage for our break fast yesterday


RM63.60 the Ramadhan set
RM8.90 Salmon Chowder
RM9.90 Fried country mushrooms
±tax and service

Grand total : RM94.75

For the price we pay, both of us leave MFM satisfied~

MFM Juru AutoCity
Lot No. 1825-G-1
Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City Northsouth Highway
Juru Interchange
13600 Prai, Penang

Tel : 04-5018 668

ps: kak juls, sila jeles.. :D
ps2 : incik kimi, bila mau buka puasa sama2 plak? :p

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke-52

#merdeka ~!! #merdeka ~!! #merdeka ~!!

Don't forget the 24hours merdeka tweets~ :D

Spudz Microfiber Cloth

Last week, i ordered a 6" x 6" version which cost me around RM28.
it's not just a cleaning cloth to clean your lens. it has a 2-1 function.

Spudz mircrofibre cloth

Clean & calibrate your camera!

Now you can clean and calibrate with the unique 2-in-1 Spudz Photo Cloth. This unique microfiber cloth is available in an 18% gray colour. The 18% gray cloth is more compact than gray cards and will set the white balance on most digital cameras.

i snap a macro picture of the Spudz cloth and compare it with the cleaning cloth that i get from the cleaning set.

heres the shot for the Spudz cloth
ignore the black part.i'm not used to this reverse lens technique.

and here's the cleaning cloth from the cleaning set that i bought.
the picture is not blur. it IS like that.. :p

i used both of them to clean my lens and my lcd. the spudz did an amazing job to clear all the oil/natural oil? + dust on the lens and the lcd. the normal cleaning cloth is much the same to clean the dust, but when it come to clean the oil/greasy stuff/what ever u called it, spudz is the best.

the price for the spudz it self cost me RM28 and for the price rm25, i get a cleaning set which have cleaning cloth, cotton swab, blower, lens tissue, and a liquid to clean the lens.

ps: for the function to calibrate you WB, i dont know much about it yet.. :p

ps2 : ingt nk mkn nando's ari mcm x jd ja.. :(

Weekend roundup~

early morning, went to the hostel office to collect my parcel..i bought a pair of crocs..i hate the design so much..but i dont know why i bought it in the first place.. :p


later that evening, i went back to my hometown
All my family members gathers together to celebrate 1st day of Ramadhan.


and this is her sister..

start the 1st day of picture to take..after 'sahur', fell asleep until noon.. :p

breaking fast on the 1st day is awesome..there are a lot of food we bought at the bazar ramadhan..sadly, forgot to take picture


its raining..around 11pm, poslaju came to my house to sent my parcel. bought optech camera strap + spudz microfibre lens cloth..

my brother and his family + my sister went back around 12pm..i wait until the rain stop around 5 o clock and went back to USM around that time. but on my way back to usm, it starts raining again. -____-" arrive at USM around 7pm..

ps: selamat berpuasa kepada semua umat Islam..jgn x puasa~

Online Shopping

Its been a while since the last time i buy things the other parts of me keep on looking on the garage sale on the website..

i think i had bought 4 items this month..that's a lot of money for each of it..

the first out of four item is the lowerpro inverse 100 AW bag that i bought recently..

The next item, the seller just shipped the item using poslaju..

shopping online
poslaju tracking service

and the other two items will be ship out tomorrow.

that's all from now..tomorrow i have important test..*study mode*

wish me luck

UPDATE : the two items already being shipped.. :) but it is still not in poslaju database yet

ps : i think, i will buy another 1 or 2 items during this coming weekend..*sigh*

Jetpod Crashed

Remember the post about my industrial visit during my second year of study..we had visit the Avcen Limited company. During our visit, they still in the assembly stage. Yesterday, during the test flight, the jetpod crashed and killed the's full news taken from the star


TAIPING: A prototype of the ‘flying taxi’ belonging to British-based Avcen Ltd crashed and burst into flames during a test flight from Tekah airstrip, killing its inventor Michael Robert Dacre.

Dacre, 53, who is also Avcen’s managing director, died in the 12.30pm crash yesterday. He was piloting the newly-assembled Jetpod.

Disaster scene: Fire and rescue personnel checking the wreckage of the Jetpod which crashed during the test flight in Taiping yesterday.
Avcen Limited Malaysia is based at Patimas Technology Centre, Technology Park, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur and Dacre had intended for the eight-seater flying taxi to be ready in 2010.

Taiping deputy police chief Supt Syed Abdul Wahab Abdul Majid said Dacre suffered severe burns and injuries and died at the scene.

The incident was witnessed by many residents including retired soldier Halim Hamid.

Halim, 50, who resides at nearby Taman Saujana Jaya said he was scooping shrimps to feed his pet fish at a pond about 50m from where the aircraft had crashed.

“Earlier, I saw it revving down the runway thrice but it could not take off and later another three times in the opposite direction.”

“However, on the fourth run, the jet took off but at about 200m high, it shot vertically to the sky before veering to the left and falling to the ground.”

“There was a loud explosion when it crashed and firemen who were at the scene managed to put out the blaze,” said Halim.

He said the Jetpod, brought in parts in a lorry container, arrived at the airstrip about a week ago.

Police personnel at the scene were seen collecting the pilot’s burnt and dismembered limbs from the wreckage before sending them to the Taiping hospital mortuary.

Some of the residents said a co-pilot had wanted to accompany the deceased on the test flight but the latter was against it and decided to fly alone instead.

Several Royal Malaysian Air Force personnel were at the scene to check the wreckage of the aircraft.

source : The Star

Lowerpro Inverse 100 AW + Konvo

today, the plan is to go to the graduation/convocation day at the main campus and snap a few pictures..turn out it was hot + boring + dull..snap a few pictures only and then left to queensbay~

*look at all the things that she was holding..*

that's all from the main campus..

than went to queensbay to collect my lowerpro inverse 100 AW

green colour..AW stands for all weather..price RM*30.. :0

the inner part

after that, watch district 9..


my rating for this movie is around 3.9/5
the movie is discovery channel type movie..with all the interviews, live camera, etc..its quite interesting..go and watch it.. :D

ps: thans wani for the award..


Damselfly -


Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture: f/10.0
Focal Length: 60 mm
ISO Speed: 400

Damselflies (suborder Zygoptera) are often confused with newly moulted dragonflies but once a dragonfly molts it is fully grown.There are other distinct things that set them apart like; most damselflies hold their wings at rest together above the torso or held slightly open above (such as in the family Lestidae), whereas most dragonflies at rest hold their wings horizontally or occasionally slightly down and forward. Also, the back wing of the dragonfly broadens near the base, caudal to the connecting point at the body, while the back wing of the damselfly is similar to the front wing. The eyes on a damselfly are apart; in most dragonflies the eyes touch. Notable exceptions are the Petaluridae (Petaltails) and the Gomphidae (Clubtails).

source : wikipedia

RM12999 PC!

i'd mention that i'll write a post about the ~RM13K computer..
i searched for the price at the net and compare it with the PC..

click the image for larger view

sadly, i forgot to snap the PC itself..the price and the specification caught my attention more..

and here is the price that i searched around the net..

INTEL CORE I7 975 3.33 8MB RM3705
Asus Rampage II Extreme RM1380
Asus ENGTX295/2DI/1792MD3 RM 1999
3 x 1GB Corsair Triple Kit XMS3 DDR3 1333MHz (TR3X3G1333C9) @ RM350.00
2333SWX - 23.3" Wide, 1920 x 1080 Full HD, RM 679
Liteon 24X DVDRW SATA - RM 85
Cooler Master Sniper full tower casing RM570 ( FREE RAZER KRAIT worth around RM99)
Corsair Power Supply TX750W, True Power With Single +12V Rail RM505
logitech Wave Pro- RM420
logitech Z5500- RM1350

total : RM 11248

that's not the cheapest price that i found..i think there are others who sell cheaper than that price..

anyway, the price that i find is not the total package of the RM12999 PC, there are some items that i dont know what it is and how much it is. :D

feel free to update the price is you find somewhere else which sell cheaper..enjoy~

ps: most of the item price is at forum and pc depot

PIKOM PC Fair Penang 2009

PIKOM PC Fair Penang 2009
Date : 8 August 2009
Venue : Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)

depart from USM at around 11.00am. partially raining throughout the journey. i bought my camera with me this time to shoot.

while on our way there, there is an accident..cant really spotted what happen, but here's the picture


after about 300m, there another accident where a car fell on the side of the road..i was not ready at that time to snap some pictures

at the penang bridge, there a BMW car trying to cut some queue and he nearly hit the proton saga.
and then, he stepped out from his car and blame the saga owner. at the first place, dont cut the queue please. great car with stupid driver

arrive at pisa





the WB is out~lazy to correct it back



actually, i was supposed to follow photography club.
if i follow them, i have to wear this red shirt

after that, went to nandos at queensbay

and watched G.I Joe..oh my, this movie is great~! my rating, 5/5

Refer and Win iphone 3GS

its your chance to win an Iphone 3Gs worth RM2.5k

click on the image to go to exabytes. site

add my email as your referrer..because..

if they are selected as winner, you as the referer will win the exact same prize!

if i win, you will win also..

add my email as you referrer.. enemzack[at]gmail[dot].com


i'm back at usm~..cant feel the 1Mbps streamyx that my father upgraded at home..huu~

ignore the noise on the picture pls~ hee~

ps: "A picture a day keep the fungus away" :)



Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture: f/8.0
Focal Length: 60 mm
ISO Speed: 800
taken with canon 40D

ps : oh my, the h1n1's holiday is near the end.
ps2 : still a lot of assignments and works to do. :(
ps3 : internet connection really slow..huu~!


balloon + water + car headlight + needle = splash~


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