Flying Start Program part 1

(due to connectivity issues, i cant upload all the pictures, hence the 'part by part' post.)

Flaying Start Program is a program where you sit on an aircraft and try to fly the aircrat without any training.
no's actual an early exposure before you fly in an aircraft and in my case, a light aircrat (2 passengers aircraft).you will be given an opportunity to control the aircraft though. :D

since it'd been a while since the program passed, i already forgot the small details during the program. sorry. :P

let start with day 1.

departure from campus is schedule around 230pm. but we depart around 3pm.

the bus was not do we..but we waited not at the same place where the bus is. -___-"

arrived there around 8-9pm..and the organizer start the briefing..(schedule, rules etc)

the plan is to set up camp at bernam river airfield.(my first time real camping after 22yo of my life) but due to rain, first night we stay at the guest house.

slim river guest house if i'm not mistaken. :|

two beds shared by 4 students.the room have hot shower, air condition room, tv and how can i stay in a tent after all this. haish..spoiled my mood.

the next morning, we start the program. breakfast and walkaround the aircraft.
picture shows one of the members explaining basic what we check during the walkaround activity.

it is not same when you drive you car, you just start your engine and off you go. if you wanna fly an aircraft, you must check everything. engine oil, fuel, screws, cracks, sensor, tire, etc.

New Template

sekarang ada masalah memuat naik gambar-gambar masa program 'Flying Start' (a.k.a naik kapal terbang 2 penumpang)

malam nih akan cuba upload guna celcom broadband..streamyx asyik putus2..damn you streamyx.

btw, ini template baru..

ada komen?

& ini template lama..


-template baru lebih kepada minimalis (minimalist) style

-template lama maybe lebih kepada fun..entah :P

-oh, template baru boleh letak featured post which is kinda cool but utk yg x reti basic html code maybe a lil bit pain in the ass (not me :P) hehe..

-sumber template free di sini

malam nih try upload gambar2 tu & update. ok selamat bercuti kepada yg cuti

new update(s)?

things to update:

flying start program
aircraft design exhibition

and, will update after i finish my exam (~23nov 2010). bye.

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