Birthday Cake : Blueberry Mocha Flavour

Cake: RM30
bought from : kedai kek sayang
flavour : Blueberry Mocha Flavour or is it cappuchino? forgot already.. hehe




sorry for the low quality picture..lazy to snap..just wanna eat. :)

anybody wanna help me getting a rapidshare premium account?

21 Years Old, 21 wishlists

1 Deuter Futura 28

picture taken from here (fashion-origin)

2 Apple MacBook Pro

3 Logitech G series (mouse,keyboard, steering wheel)

4 New phone to replace N6680

5 BroadBand (to use in USM)

6 RapidShare premium account :D

7 Extra HDD

8 Rubik's cube series (i only own 3x3x3 & 4x4x4)

9 play basketball

10 new lens for canon 450D ( L :D )

11 new pair of earphone to replace crossroads x3i

12 better headphone to replace beyer DT231

13 a new computer casing (full tower)

14 brand new 5.1 surround speaker

15 bigger LCD > 22"

16 shoes

17 i dont need a shirt

18 xbox 360/PS3

19 Locoroco 2

20 xbox 360 controller for pc

21 i want to be 1 year younger :D

24 : all of the above :p
*just added*

the wish list is totally in random. it is not sorted according to what i want and what i really want.

but the deuter futura 28 is really what i needed to replace my old deuter bag.
anyone can survey what is the cheapest in the retail store? tq
currently the cheapest is RM305

It's time to clean this blog

I had left this blog quite a long time due to preparing my self for the final exam.

i'm blogging from my house rite now. which is great because the internet is far better than usmnet. no fortiguard to block downloading and the big difference is the speed. :D

anyway, here's a few picture that i snap before i packing up my thing yesterday.
(a few here is only two) :p

IMG_9351 copy
the spider web that i left for next semester student to clean it.

the thing that responsible to the spider web.
it's really hard to take this picture. the spider always run away from the camera.
that's why i fired some flash to it. :D

ps : no spider harmed during the photoshoot. :)

d2zack's blog is now 1 year old.


This post is set to auto publish itself.
I still have two papers to go.

today : ethnic relation
tomorrow : control system theory


no time to edit picture..just use MS Words..haha..

i"m still Alive [final exam mode]

yeah..i'm not dead yet..still in final exam week..
two papers down..three more to go..

16.4.09 Aerodynamics [x]
17.4.09 Academic English [x]
20.4.09 Dynamics & Mechanisms [ ]
21.4.09 Ethnic Relation [ ]
22.4.09 Control System Theory [ ]

pray for my success..

ps : after this i'll be blogging like normal..
ps2 : today have pc fair at Penang International Sport Arena

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