School of Aerospace Field Trip

charge ipod, psp, camera [x]
pack my bag [x]
breafast [ ]
lock the door [x]
take my bath [x]

:p enough with the crap, let us take a look on the schedule of this field trip

29 January 2009
7.45am - depart from USM
1.00pm - Rest at The Mall [wtf] haha
2.00pm - Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency
5.00pm - Head to Kolej Alamanda Uitm Shah Alam
8.30pm - Mid Valley [wtf] haha

30 January 2009
9.00am - Aeroprecision Resources
12.30pm - rest at Subang Airport
5.00pm - Back to Kolej Alamanda Uitm Shah Alam

31 January 2009
8.00am - Checkout from Kolej Alamanda Uitm Shah Alam
9.30am - Times Square & Lowyat..[ early..the shop open already?]

if u wanna meet me, go at the rite place, at the right time..changing of schedule is not under my control.. :p

ps : look like shopping trip to me..hehe..
ps2 : when you read this post, i already on the bus.
ps3 : i hope i can get ps3 one day.
ps4 : its out already?

FifaOnline2 Screenshots

Did you notive the advertisement about FifaOnline2? I went to 7eleven and bought this dvd. actually you can download it for free..but since i'm lazy and internet in my house always disconnect..i bought this dvd for rm2..i dunno popular give it for free or they charge rm2..mayb you should try get it from there..

UPDATE: this is the fifaonline2 website

this is the interface where you login your id and password is ********* :p

create team..Right now i'm using Manchester City.. (matnoq, MC fifa x kuat mcm pes..haha)

the installation and registration is really easy.

i already play 3 multiplayer games and i won 2 and lost 1..hoho..(i beat Level 19 people..i'm only at Level 0 at that time..)

This is the online league that i against the computer actually and very easy..

after a while, it disconnect..damn..actually it is not coming from the is from the freaking modem..omg..belkin, please come home early..(my father went to kl and RMA new belkin modem..)

what is the point you score 6-1 if the result cant be sent to

Hot Guys Who Cook

i watched Hot Guys Who Cook on 8TV yesterday..and since I'm alone in my i decided to cook. lol

1st attempt is chicken chop..the gravy was marvelous..but the chicken is kinda hard a little bit(kept in the fridge for quite some times, the ice had 'evolve' in the chicken..) throw 3/4 of it.. :(

next attempt, bought a piece of meat at Giant and try to cook steak for dinner..


this is how tender the stig steak. i can even slice it this thin..

WinFast Palm Top TV Plus

Today, as i reached my home, the parcel that i ordered 2weeks ago also reached my house. now i can watch tv using my laptop. i also can play PS3 if i have one..blu ray..if i have one..etc~ :p here's the picture..lazy to will be done later.

the box

from left: the unit, remote control, usb cable, fm receiver, software pack dvd, a pair of AAA batteries, and input cable(composite, s-video, audio)

the 'brush aluminium ' surface

22 January 2009 @ 2.48pm

22 January 2009 @ 2.48pm, she was so happy~ running around, jumping and laughing..


congratulation tu my brother and sister in law for their new child. i forgot her name. :p

ps: the picture was edited in the size is not adobe photocop MS Power Point 2007..

Arsenal Fans can watch replay on PSP

LONDON, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Fans attending English soccer club Arsenal's games could be able to watch replays of goals or contentious tackles on Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) devices by the end of next season.

The Premier League club's commercial director Adrian Ford said a Sony-developed application would allow fans to watch live streaming video of a game, along with data and statistics, and give the ability to watch near-instant replays.

The personalised system had been tested and could be rolled within 18 months, Ford said in an interview with Reuters TV.

Sony Europe's director of retail, transport and venues Eric Siereveld said personalised video was the next technological step for Arsenal's state-of-the-art Emirates Stadium, and it could even allow supporters to create in-game communities.

"This device will brings an extra dimension to the game with information and statistics," he told Reuters TV.

"But we think that the next generation of the software that runs it could actually link fans during the game with each other."

Ford said Arsenal fans were already used to watching pre-match entertainment and in-match statistics on hi-definition screens in the stadium in north London, which opened in 2006

"What we are trying to do is pump a variety of different entertainment on to those screens to help you arrive earlier and maybe stay later," he said, adding that the club had doubled revenue since the stadium move.

"There are a few rights issues that we have to overcome but on the basis that we do that, we think it's a product we can offer to our fans within the next 18 months or so," he said. (Writing by Paul Sandle; Editing by David Holmes)


How to Change Your Windows Experience Index Score

First of all, this tutorial is only available on Windows Vista.
Tested on Windows Vista 32bit platform.
*i'm not responsible if anything happen to your computer/system*do on your own risk*

*click for larger picture*

this is before the tweek

Open my computer, go to [c: directory] > [Windows] > [Performance] > [WinSat] > [DataStore]

Open the file using notepad/wordpad..

find the score like the one that i highlighted. the max score is 9.9 *just for fun.nobody would belive it. :p* ..tweek at your own creativity and risk

after changing the value..


credit to : xk2

ps: *the wallpaper is cute :p & i miss her..huu~*

How fast did you take to..

no no..not type a message..

how fast did you take to solve rubik's cube?

I'm not a speed rubik solver *not yet*..this is my not-so-fast time taken to solve this rubik.
its a 3x3x3 rubik's cube..

10: 02:06.13
9: 02:30.47
8: 02:15.96
7: 02:36.16
6: 02:23.80
5: 01:43.34
4: 01:53.72
3: 02:09.26
2: 02:10.89
1: 02:32.29



Avg. 5:

3 of 5:

Avg. 10:

note : i'm a not flame me with nasty comment.. :p

oh, remember, i'm not Erik Akkersdijk who solved it in 7.08 seconds :(

i'm not using speedmat, just go to this website. cubetimer..

15th January Desktop

*click for full-size picture*

Actually, i only changed the wallpaper. since this picture get quite a lot of compliment.

"wow, look like a professional photographer"
"nice picture, what camera did you use?"
"i am speechless"
"what lens did you used? the picture looks great"
"ok i lied"
"there is no compliment for that photo"

Top Gear Series [Season 10 episode 9]

print screen + paste to paint + save as + post to blog and a bit of caption

sorry, i am :
*busy with study and revising my basic mathematics(is it the correct term?) :p *
*doing some proposal for hubungan Ethnic Relations course*

here's goes today update~ enjoy~

Peniston OIL


Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson
*in case you close your eyes and can't see anything, open your eye and look at the door..*

Did you know that The Stig is actually a woman in a bikini?

How To Get Newspaper As Low As RM0.50

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
I ate two apples today, so i hope i can make the doctor lose their job

"click on the image to see the full size and the details.." this is why i hate picasa.. :p

here is the example of one of the newspaper in Malaysia. The Star. If you want to get low price newspaper, do get the newspaper from ebrowse by bluehyppo.

as u can see, it's like the real thing, only better.. agree? I know you can go to the online newspaper website to read the latest news, but it is not the same. You cant get the feeling like reading the real newspaper. trust me.

if you get this ebrowse newspaper, you can get all the version of you can see, there is different version of metro in the star. You get all version of it. Isn't it better than others?

30days archived for you to read and store.

how to get RM0.50 newspaper? You do the math..

Tangkuban Parahu Mountain

Continue a little bit on the bandung trip. Since USM had 
blocked flickr websites, so i'll have to use picasa to upload 
picture this time.



This web page is not available.

The web page at null might be temporarily down or it may 
have moved permanently to a new web address.

WTF, refresh, reupload few times. DONE

This is Wisata Alam Park. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain
 which is an inactive volcano mountain. The sulphur smell 
is so strong that it had killed a TIGER. The temperature 
here is quite low. but i still can go around naked jacket'less'

i really wish sometimes to go and watch the active volcano. 
There is a season of survivor (survivor vanuatu) which 
they have a reward challenge and got the opportunity 
to watch the volcano. it's beautiful.

What i saw there is ONLY THIS~

After the cold and shivering day at Tangkuban Perahu, we 
went to Sari Ater Hot Spring. This is a nice place. 
The concept is like a theme park but the water is hot water. 
It's not really hot, it's more to warm.

actually we went there just to see all the excitement. 
the tour give us around 1hour only. i just put my leg in 
the hottest pool(still warm compare tu ulu legong hot spring) 
and eat hotdog.


Later that night, we headed to this fine restaurant.
They have beautiful waitress all over the place. The food is 
quite nice. i like the mood in this restaurant. *warm feeling*

that's all from now, i hope the cable that snapped again in 
EUROPE is fix. i hate this slow internet connection.~

owh~ before i forgot. happy birhtday to NIZAM

Happy New Year

Happy New year~

Sorry guys, i still have some problem to solved and i'm not in the mood to write in this blog yet.

the update is already in draft. just wait to be publish. please be patient.

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