Passport Malaysia

I got my passport done last, where should 1 go after exam..hee~
RM300 (sponsored by my dad wallet..) :p + RM3 for the cover

PhotoBlog #1

Now I'll start a new category of post which called PhotoBlog..basically, its all about pictures~ that's all..

the number in each picture is assigned so that you can comment on each picture..if you want to do so..

the eye~

going nuts?

the leader

the workers

now i noticed that there is unwanted object at the bottom left of the picture..huu..lazy to crop..

#5 & #6 : attempting Silhouette

Bunga Raya


life4hire, is it safe to eat?

orange, red, yellow, green, blue

I Love the World. Do you?

As usual, when I'm at home I'll watch discovery channel and yadda boom this song came out..i know its kinda old..but i just love this song and i want to share with you..

Astronaut 1: It never gets old, huh?
Astronaut 2: Nope.
Astronaut 1: It kinda makes you want to...
Astronaut 2: Break into song?
Astronaut 1: Yep.

I love the mountains,
I love the clear blue skies
I love big bridges
I love when great whites fly
I love the whole world
And all its sights and sounds
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (twice)

I love the oceans
I love real dirty things
I love to go fast
I love Egyptian kings
I love the whole world
And all its craziness
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (twice)

I love tornadoes
I love arachnids
I love hot magma
I love the giant squids
I love the whole world
It's such a brilliant place
Boom-de-yadda, boom-de-yadda (repeating until fade)

discovery channel that i watch and love : Mythbusters, deadliest catch, Man VS wild (this one rock!! haha), Dirty Jobs,

Oh, i love this world (repeat the song..haha)

more details is at I love the world on WIKI
download MP3 here

When I'm Gone


The examination time table is up..and my exam papers are on
5.11.2008 THINKING TECHNIQUE (Teknik Berfikir)
6.11.2008 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY I (Teknologi Pembuatan I)
7.11.2008 MECHATRONIC(Mekatronik)
10.11.2008 PREPARATORY ENGLISH (Bahasa Ingeris Persediaan)
14.11.2008 THERMODYNAMICS(termodinamik)
17.112008 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS (Kekuatan Bahan) this blog will be less updated..sorry..

and also, no games until i finished my examination..who wanna play the psp? come to my room..530*

OR if you wanna find me, maybe i will be in the library.. :p

that's all from me..all the best to all my friends in school of aerospace engineering, my readers who also have gf who is now sitting for her year end exam,, she, he, i, mui, yui, moi,


Nokia 6680

Four years~

ps: the title of this post is not related to what actually

Program Penggalakan Sains dan Teknologi

Remember the previous post on the PPST? here the not-so-full story of it..still busy rite now..

School of Aerospace engineering with Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang and Majlis Guru Cemerlang had done a program called Program Penggalakkan Sains & Teknology (PPST) on Saturday 18th October 2008. bla bla bla..there are some activities associates with science and technology..

Aerospace Plays
Astronaut Costume
Paper Aeroplane
Space Capsule
Rocket Balloon

read more for pictures~

i'm charged in the Space Capsule competition. the participant had to make a space capsule using a
polystyrene bowl, tape, scissor, knife, glue, string, sticks, and papers. An astronaut is represent by the egg..

After 30 minutes~





all of the space capsule was dropped 15metres i think..cant remember..all the astronaut eggs survived and the longest time taken to reach earth ground is the winner..the winner take about 2.xx seconds i guess..still cant remember..haha..

and last but not least..
lol~ DellMac

Guess what~

I dont really have much time to blog about, why dont you guys try guessing what is this picture is all about..


Meet the new generation of MacBook

Forget the come the awaiting new macbook..omg..the design is so beautiful..
(write down in my wishlish)

i'm a PC

i'm a MAC

machines is now taking order on this macbook..cant find the price yet in malaysia..wait for the update..
13" Macbook
2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo RM 4,799
2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo RM 5,899

15" MacBook Pro
2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo RM 7,199
2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo RM 8,999

Oh, and the specification on this macbook can be found in apple website..check it out..Steve Jobs, i'd promote your product..I still have room for your macbook on my desk..

tomorrow i still got another test..last test for this week..*sigh*

Oliver Twist & Test

Finally, the presentation is over which turn very bad..i manage to pass the minimum 5minutes presentation easily..haha..which is nice..

wanna see the slide?
here you go..

Oliver Twist that i read is a novel which is adapted from the thick Oliver Twist and compress it to became an Oxford Bookworms Library 6(2500 headwords) version
For me its not a boring novel although the lecturer told us that it is boring..i manage to finish read it less around 2 days..(less than 24hours time of reading i guess..)hee

Lan, do you want back your novel?

oops..tomorrow i still have, just a very short update this time..

oh..did i mention that i can't last for at least two days using the white wallpapers? haha..
i change it i guess 2 days after i blog about it..haha..btw, i just invert the colour..dont have enough time to edit it properly..hee..stil,
credit the wallpaper to : kristian's deviantart


My PSP 3000 (i wish)

received my OWN psp3000 yesterday via a courier service name is fast and the box came out perfectly to me..
see, i'm not lying..

see..i told you that the box is in perfect condition..this is the special edition psp 3000..

read for more picture....

okay..of coz its not mine..just found it at supposed to launch next Tuesday (tomorrow?)..

i just wanna throw you the pictures so that you remember which one you have to buy for me later on..



the mpsd is not a high speed version or it is a fake version? okay..its bad..
see here for the fake memory stick pro duo..

source :

On top of the world

When you're on top of the world, it doesnt mean that you will always be on top

..because she will.. :p lol haha..

i have test today.,all the best for me..

Safety precaution when lightning strike

When a thunderstorm threatens, get inside a home or large building, or inside an all-metal (not convertible) vehicle

Inside a home, avoid using the telephone, except for emergencies

If outside, with no time to reach a safe building or an automobile, follow these rules

Do not stand underneath a natural lighting rod such as a tall, isolated tree

Avoid projecting above the surrounding landscape as you would do if you were standing on a hilltop, in an open field, on the beach, or fishing from a small boat

Get out of and away from open water

Get away from tractors and other metal farm equipment

Get off of and away from motorcycles, scooters, golf carts and bicycles. Put down golf clubs.

Stay away from wire fences, clotheslines, metal pipes, rails and other metallic paths which could carry lightning to you from some distance away.

Avoid standing in small isolated sheds or other small structures in open areas.

In a forest, seek shelter in a low area under a thick growth of small trees. In open areas, go to a low place such as a ravine or a valley. Be alert for flash floods.

If you're hopelessly isolated in a level field of prairie and you feel your hair stand on end - indicating that lightning is about to strike - drop to your knees and bend forward putting your hands on your knees. Do not lie flat on the ground.

source :


T_____T enough with the fact~ haha..i just shoot some lightning picture yesterday..
read more for pictures





taken with Sony DSC-T2

sunset in usm~

When mosquito doesn't su*k blood


i received this message from my dad..

guess what? tee hee hee~

ps: for person who already know what is it..pls remain silent..tq.. :p

welcome to the bright side~
no more dark/black wallpaper..its white now..
dekstop putih
click for fullsize view
wallpaper from : kristian's deviantart


What do you want to do if..

What do you want to do if you had to split with your couple.
you will have to divide all your belongings equally rite. i read in The star today
and this is what you have to do if you have to split.

rumah besar

cut your house into two pieces..this is the wife part of the house. the husband said,
"wtf, i dont get the stair to my house, this is not fair" lol

edit : click image for larger view and story.
edit 2 : it is in the World section page 37

How To Do 'Read More' function in blogspot

As for the title above, please read more to find how to do it..opps..brb OK, finally, tutorial is up~!!!

testing2.. ok..its work..haha

having problem to paste the code here..brb solved~!

go to edit html tab at the layout tab

click the expand widget template

before that, PLEASE backup your html code..

copy this code


<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

span.fullpost {display:inline;}


span.fullpost {display:none;}



and paste it above </html>


paste this

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>

<a expr:href='data:post.url'> Read More..</a>



save your template.

next go to setting > formatting

Put this code under the post template

<span class="fullpost">


save your setting. done!!

How to post.

here's the example at the new post tab

introduction to your post

<span class="fullpost">

read more content..



sos tomato : afatih

Three Years ago...

Three years ago, 8 october 2005, Saturday
is the day where i had
my 1st date with her.. :)


Carl's jr vs Wendy's vs McD vs BurgerKing

aimzz post is all about McD and Yan^s always argue with him about those McD burgers Vs Carl's Jr. burger ect...

which is the best?

carl's jr?
image taken from : kyspeaks

image taken from : kyspeaks

image taken from : aimzz

my personal favourite is this:
burger king..only for the me..haha.. :p
image taken from : burger king

i havent try carls jr and i'll stick to BK for the best~ hee~

what's yours..?


Hari Raya Round up

Yeah..its finally over..for me..heh~

day 0
the day before raya, my brother have to go back to their hometown in ipoh..kinda dull without them.


haha..cute rite..she play with the Guppy Fish and get wet all over her, its Bath time~!!

wash your hand first


day 1
early morning, i watch Zenit vs real Madrid UCL game and fell asleep. the game won by Madrid though. Madrid 2-1 Zenit (sorry Zack..wahaha)

as usual, went to the mosque to perform the Aidil Fitri prayer and went back giving duit raya to all kids that only want to get the money..i only got EM200 from my parents, sister and my least i don't have to go house by house like those kids and just collect RM18..

day 2

it still full though..doesn't have to refill it this year..i dont really like this Raya Cookies..not my taste..

and today my sister's friends came with her husband..her husband graduate from japan if I'm not mistaken..i love his car so much..demit..invite me laa to take a ride next time..

the owner~

it really make me drool~ (no, its not a Wiralution or Wajalution, it a REAL evo okeh~!)
(picture note : notice the dust at the lens? haha)

day 3

went out to watch movie..KAMI the movie..two thumbs up~!!!

for more detail, click >> projek kami

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