new pc system

yeah..finally, the PC had completed~

the spec..

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 + Artic Cooler Freezer pro
DFI Blood Iron P35
Corsair 4Gb 800Mhz DDR2
WD 320GB 16Mb 7200rpm Sata Hdd
Sapphire Ati Radeon HD3870XT 512Mb PciE
Cooler Master Cm690
Gigabyte pPSU 720Watts


a lot of cable management had to be done..*sigh*

The pc in action..the other is my sis' pc..

CJ7 and KL trip~ (happy birthday to her..)

today is her birthday..yay!!

remember the CJ7 i'm thinking to give to her as a birthday present..?

mission accomplished..hehe..
i ordered online for this medium size CJ7, and 1 dead CJ7..
cost me around postage around RM60..there is 1 more..small CJ7..
that one is for my nephew..

i need a DSLR..or at least a digital camera..not a super mighty crappy phone camera..

yeah..and she like it very much..and for the CJ7, she styled it's 'hair' to become like me..hehe..

Here's the not so "surprise" for her..1st i crumpled a piece of paper and then i put it on her hand..and then i ask her to close her eyes..i take back the crumpled paper and make it to original..err..or should i say i 'un'crumple(dont know a suitable work for me lol) it..haha..put the CJ7 in front of her and said.."open your eyes..did u know how this paper can "uncrumple" back?" she take the CJ7 and styled its hair..and i do it again, and this time, i changed the CJ7 with the dead 1..haha..that's all..


okay, i'm off to kl this morning at 9am..will be there until friday..and this afternoon will go to lowyat plaza to buy new computer..cant wait..grrrr

ps: i really want to improve my english writing..tq~ :D

19 bertukar menjadi 20

o0..ari nih ari gembira..kenapa..? hari ini merupakan hari terakhir peperiksaan akhir semester 2..
dan hari ini juga merupakan hari yang menyebabkan aku kehilangan title 'teen'..
sudah..aku mahu hadiah belajar untuk menghadapi kertas terakhir ini~..

selamat hari lahir kepada diri sendiri..aku hadiahkan diri aku dengan menjawab dengan betul-betul hari ini~..

ps~..*hadiah sudah menanti di rumah* :D

KL trip minggu hadapan~

entri kali ini aku sudah mula menulis dalam bahasa malaysia..yah..pada mulanya memang aku ingin menulis dalam bahasa inggeris..untuk memantapkan bahasa inggeris aku kononnya..
tetapi..kwn2 aku mengatakan bahasa inggeris aku sudah cukup bagus aku rasa kurang seronok menulis dlm bahasa inggeris..aku lebih sukakan bahasa malaysia..yeh~


ya..aku akan ke Plaza Lowyat minggu hadapan mungkin..
pc baru aku 'mungkin' akan mempunyai specifikasi seperti berikut..

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Abit IP35-P
Team Elite DDR2/ Crucial DDR2 800MHz
500GB Seagate 7200.11 SATA2 32MB HDD
HIS HD 3870 IceQ 3 Turbo HDMI Dual DL-DVI & TV 512MB GDDR4 PCIe
Pc Power and Cooling PSU 610Watts
Cooler Master CM690 casing

ada apa2 kekurangan..? tambahan..?

FINALLY...examination week

IT'S GONNA BE OVER!!! this coming
damn, why others finished their exam in 14..18 april..
gud luck for me..last paper..the Fluid Mechanics.. *sigh~


anyway, did u guys watch stephen chow's movie called CJ7..?

this is the CJ7..kinda cute i think..

Am i cute..?

i wanna buy this CJ7 'doll' as a birthday present for what do u guys think..?
she's gonna love it or not..? anyway, her fav colour is i think this is not a bad idea~

d2z the beginning

pc fair 2008 penang version~

to crowded (last day~>.*sigh*) = no money = no new hardware = just get myself a bunch of DVD-R..
and watch hot booth babe

imation DVD-R 50pc+2 free DVD and 5 fridge magnets..haha..
actually i get the intel towel for free..but i think i drop it somewhere in the car..gonna check about it later~

next stop, quensbay mall..went there just to watch movie..watched 'the forbidden kingdom'
starring Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano, Crystal Liu Yi Fei..
quite okay for me..story about a kid name Jason, who have to return back the Monkey King's stick(sun wukong's a stick rite.? hehe)..

action+comedy=jackie chan+jet li..the best part is when Jackie chan wrote something on a piece of paper and miracle must see it for your self this part~ LOL..

the poster

Jason and Sparrow (the cute but deadly sparrow~hee~)

more on
The Forbidden Kingdom Official Site

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