Ignition System Test (video)

btw, it's a wireless ignition system..
the system need a higher voltage source hence the motorcycle battery

the 'fuse'


image taken from here

the 'fuse' is actually a strip of steel wool. before this the system uses christmas light bulb, but the 'fuse' is easily 'broken' and make the system failed.

this is the video for wireless ignition system test using steel wool

available in HD yo!! :-B

sorry if some of the term is wrong..correct me if i'm wrong..


Ignition System Test (pic)

[Live update | 31 Jan '11, 5.01pm MYT PST | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Ignition system test. Video will be uploaded soon..

Proton Car in Top Gear UK S16E02


yes, no, maybe?

but i think the challenge in top gear uk is already featured in top gear australia episode 1..

Meet my new toy

[Live update | 30 Jan '11, 2.01pm MYT PST | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..



IU & Seulong - Nagging

suka part 2:43 & 3:27
hahahahaahahahaha :">


[SOLD] Want to Sell | PSP 2000 Ceramic White w/ 8GB card

[Pinned till 20 Jan 2011] Scroll down for latest entry

Item(s): PSP 2000 Ceramic White CFW 5.50 GEN-D3 (can be upgraded to CFW 5.50 Prometheus if you want to) 

Package includes:(refer picture below) PSP 2000, charger, usb cable (not in the picture), hard casing, 8GB memory stick pro duo & few games in the card

Price: [SOLD]

Warranty: no more warranty, can check during COD

Dealing method:COD only

COD Location: Penang (nibong tebal, auto city juru, Queensbay Mall* (buyer have to add extra rm10 for fuel and toll), Perak (Parit Buntar Only), Alor Setar

Contact method/details: SMS me at 012564[seven]872

Item(s) conditions: Great, 100% working fine, a few scratches at the ring, screen protectors applied. you can check during COD or refer picture below

user posted image

Reason for sale: need cash and not using it anymore

lowyat.net forum

tq~ :)

AIRBUS SKY-3845 Remote Control Airplane

yeah, i bought a new rc plane. the price? enough if i said i can pay it using money i get from blogging. :P *its not that expensive though.*

anyway, i bought it online at lelong.com.my

here's the packaging:

the package

first layer removed

the box inside the box :p

What's in the box? :
manual, parts and stuff like controller, battery etc

after the assembly

simple review :P
its cheap, only 2 channel (for thrust and rudder)
it uses brushed motor

the 'advertisement' said that it only required 5 minutes of assembly, but it took me more than 5 minutes to assemble it. ._. *me fail?* i dont think so

i'll share with you in my next post what are the flaws of this airplane & problems i encounter during the '5 minutes assembly' + a few mods i did before the flight test

anyhow, this thing could really fly!

enjoy the video.


Check this out #1

Putus by Melda Ahmad

The Arrival


it's not in my hands yet. hopefully it's in a great condition. :D

RC Flight Test

Group picture

RC flight test

x bawa tripod, so edit masukkan diri sendiri dlm group picture. :p
ada cacat di tgn hasil kerja sepantas kilat punya pasal. haha

gambar RC plane terbang xda sbb tinggi sgt + xda zoom lens.
so seblm terbang ja laa ada.

final check seblm start engine

team RC..


sekian terima kasih bye

Job With the Coolest View

View from inside an USAF air tanker.


F-22 Raptor

amazing huh..geezz..view from my room?
view from my window 2
not interesting at all. :|

source : Gizmodo

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