What's New in Google Chrome 11?

Google had release their latest version of web browser. The latest version now is 11.0.696.57.

what's is the significant change in Chrome 11?

1: google chrome new icon


2: HTML5 Speech Input API

3: GPU-accelerated 3D CSS turned on by default

4: GPU-based hardware acceleration and WebGL disabled for Windows XP

update your google chrome now. or you can download it here.

Google Chrome Releases

About Me

i cant really remember where i found out about About Me. Quote from their website :

A lot of us have multiple online profiles scattered across various services, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter. And one problem we face is pulling all of this information together to build a single on-line identity — be it for personal use, or to create a professional on-line profile.

Basically, About Me is a personal page that you can build your personal profile page that points visitors to your blog, twitter, flickr etc etc.

I joined today, and here's mine


click on the picture to go to my about me page.

the picture i used for background is from during my photo outing.

ps: why is everybody so serious, acting so damn mysterious

Kucing | Cat | Neko

*click image for larger viewing pleasure*

Camera Canon EOS 40D
Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
 Aperture f/1.8Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 800
click here to view in flickr

ps: lama betul x post gambar kan.. :D

23 years old and counting...

dua puluh tiga kucing berlari,
mana nak sama si kuda belang,
dua puluh tiga tahun umur hari ini,
(isi tempat kosong) xda idea. hahaha

sila abaikan pantun mengarut tu..

btw, my niece called, and...

khayra:     happy birthday pachu!!
me:           terima kasih khayra
khayra:     terima kasih jaa kaaa?
me:           pastu nk ckp apa?
khayra:     cakap laa thank you
i was like -__________-
she's turning 4 kot this year..ka 5 tah.. :-\

Check out my previous birthday posts.
19 bertukar menjadi 20
21 years old, 21 wishlists
i'm 22

usually, i'll buy something for my self, but this year, since i bought this, i just assumed it's my early birthday present. lol

oh. esok last paper for this semester.

kbye have fun :)

ps: m getting old.. -_____-

Happy Birthday!

d2z's blog turns 3 today!

yeah, 3 years and counting man..click here for my first post..nothing fancy though..lol

anyway, been busy before this completing my final year project thesis..
thank god i dont have to struggle much to complete it..

and now i'm preparing for my last final exam paper on 26 April..hopefully :)

oh, and do follow me on twitter. i update there more often compared to here. :p

Seoul Garden!

[Live update | 9 Apr '11, 1.19pm MYT | From iPhone 4 via DiGi MY | by d2z..

Plan ingt nk keluar makan ramai2..tp sikit ja yg p.. -__-"

Don't Judge Me

waahh tajuuukkk..lol..it's a quote from this video
It's freaking hilarious..must watch!

ps: m quite busy right now..expect less update from me. -_-"

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