Happy 2011!


Happy new year guys..!

yeah,new semester (final semester hopefully) just started last Monday..and, on Tuesday, i already missed a class because i'd mistakenly look at the wrong schedule. ._.

anyway, this year i wanna make a clear list of my 2011 new year’s resolutions. *sort of*

1. Buy new phone
2. Drink a lot of water
3. Graduate
4. Travel
5. Learn how to take great pictures
6. Start dating?
7. Eat healthy foods

that's it from now.
Have a great 2011. :)

The Power of Bob Marley

& weed. LOL!

just look at his face after they turn on the song.

How to Follow a blog (blogger) when there is no follow widget?

the title should be, how i read blogs/website that i subscribed. :P

*clear throat*

As you can see, this blog does not have the 'follow widget' thingy like 'normal' blog.
the reason is, i dont follow other people blog, i SUBSCRIBED to their blog.

how to subscribe?

this is how i did it. i dont know how other people do, but this is my way, it may differ with your way.

1st, you must have a google account.

open google reader and sign in with your google account

at the top right corner, there is a "Add subscription" *refer picture mark in red*

click the add subscription and enter the url of the blog you want to 'follow' (read : subscribe)


and if you're using google chrome, install this extension.
Google Reader Notifier.

it will notify you how many unread item you have. *refer picture, 1 unread item*

i dont know, but i think only blogger have this follow thingy. i want to 'follow' wordpress based blog too, and other website such as engadget, flisterz, gizmodo etc.

thats all. bye :D

Fast Update #8...bit

i read this random post by flisterz and followed step by step tutorial which is very funny and came up with this:


ps: this post is scheduled at the same time as the USM final exam result (provisional) for semester I 2010/2011 session came up which according to the notice at 9.00am. For USM students, check your result here. x_x

How to Create A Rollover Image

The term rollover in this regard originates from the visual process of "rolling the mouse cursor over the button" causing the button to react.

Rollovers can be done by imagery, text or buttons. The user only requires 2 images/buttons (with the possible addition of "alt" text to these images) to perform this interactive action. Rollover imagery can be done either by a program with a built-in tool or script coding..continue read here

here's an example:

rollover mouse to see the effect.

<a href="http://d2zack.blogspot.com"
<img alt="" border="0" name="s1a" src="image1.jpg" />
here is what the code is about. correct me if i'm wrong. kinda forgot about html. :-\

First line:
the first line is the link for the picture if you click the rollover image. you can put the link there.

Secone line:
the image when the mouse is not on the image

Third line:
the image when the mouse is on the image or over the image

Fourth line: the image when the mouse is not on the image

that's it. copy the code, and replace image1.jpg and image2.jpg with your image link.

ps: i'd used this before for canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM post

How To Control Your PC Remotely

Step 1 : Account Registration
go to logmein.com
and click the "Try it free" button which is green in color.

click on the left button. which is Access and a 'popup' will ask you to create an account.
fill in the details
an email will be sent to your account for verification. in that email, a link will be provided to active your account. click on that link and you'll be directed to the logmein page

Step 2 : Installation
after your account is activated, click the Download button to download the installer.
wait the download to finish. and run the installer after it had finished.

just follow the instruction. it should be basic though~


i agree

typical > next

Flying Start Program part 3

the journey continue after lepak2, playing simulator game, jump in the swimming pool and refueling the aircraft

after fueling the aircraft, it's time to takeoff!

here's the video during the takeoff:

available in 'HD'

after takeoff, mr graham (the pilot) do some basic control of the aircraft. rolling, pitching, yawing. after that,

i play around with it..roll to the right, left, pitch up, down..and then he said,
"let me take the control back, you can take some pictures if you want to" :p

i took out my nokia 6680 and took some pictures




me & pilot (mr graham)

i remember at one point where i'm in control and i asked him

me : "mr graham, where is the airfield?"
mr graham : "you're the pilot, u should know~"

i was like, -_____-" pawned

can you see the airfield?

and then, it's time for landing..watch the video:

available in 'HD'

i think that's all for the flying start program, maybe next post will be some random pictures during the event.

ps: btw, check this blog post from bubbles182 lol

pss: pardon my english. feel free to correct me.

Flying Start Program part 2

sorry for the delay for part 2 of this post. :)
not feeling well last week + the laziness syndrome to update blog is surrounding me due to many things occurs around me.

so, here's the part 2 of the post.

after the group photo session, the familiarization flight start. and others who doesn't fly can jump in the swimming pool or play the flight simulator.

person who is lightest will fly first. (early flight. more fuel in the aircraft. more weight. hence the lightest fly first. geddit?)

so, activity for gemuk2 + unlucky to catch the first flight :

lepak + sembang2..


playing the flight simulator

jump in the pool

and..after a few hours + raining + lunch + few event i cant remember..it's my turn!

this is the aircraft i will be flying with mr pilot (mr graham)

refuel. the blue water thingy is the aviation gas which cost ~ RM6.++/liter..some of the other aircraft can run using normal petrol (ron97)

can u see the hangar at the back? i carried the fuel from there to the aircraft. just saying. lol

still refueling.

to be continue.

there will be 2 videos of the takeoff and landing, since the video is not yet converted, i'll put it up in part 3 + pictures during flying.
kthxbye~ :)

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