It's really hard day today..
i'm still not feeling very well due to my cough..
and, exacly 1.00pm,
i received a message from my friend told that
my classmate in SAINA (batch 0105) died in an accident. 2 died in the accident
and another 2 badly injured.

2 pelajar UiTM maut, 2 parah kereta terjunam tali air

KANGAR: Dua penuntut Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Arau, dekat sini maut manakala dua lagi parah apabila kereta yang mereka naiki terbabas sebelum terjuman dalam terusan di Jalan Tambun Tulang, jam 7.55 pagi tadi.

Berita Harian

we used to be neighbours,
Sometimes, i can even here you sang a song.
we went to the same school together
and you are my first friend in there.
it's really hard to lose you. and i'm sorry cant help you by the time you need me.

Al-Fatihah to Azmir Syazwan b. Suhaimi


UPDATE : this survey is now officially closed. thank you

Just spend 5 minutes to do this survey..
I'm taking Ethnic Relations course this semester.I have a group project and it is about chopstick. My role in this project is to get YOUR opinion about chopstick. do you think it is easier, comfortable, stylish, using chopstick ,etc..just gimme your opinion.

UPDATE : it doesn't matter you want to answer it in Malay, English, or Chinese..

UPDATE2: usually the 'please wait' is not responding if you are using chrome..just wait for a while
it is okay if you are using firefox

the title of this survey : Others races opinions about chopstick. come on guys, do leave your opinion..i want to promote chopstick to others the world :) help me with this..i know all of you can give me some good opinions..thank you~

New Rubik's Cube 4x4x4

Yesterday went to Queensbay Mall Penang and sell my graphic card. it was sold to an Indian guy for RM295..i'm RM295

after that, went to Toys'r'us..and my money reduces to RM205.05..

picture taken using 1.3Mpx webcam from Toshiba A200 laptop..

The End of 0.8years Relationship with Her

i know, i still haven't spend much time with you together..
Life in university makes us far apart..
you always alone at home waiting for me to come back..

it's not gonna happen again after you met your new guy..

it's not even a year as far as i can remember i spend time with you..
we met late april..and you still under warranty before i let you go..

don't you worry, you will have someone else to replace me..he will totally take care of you..

i'll give you to the new owner this weekend..hope you will happy with him..

This is my new love..he is a man covered with silver..

Happy Birthday

she is my she is in russia..and she is 23 today~

This is not her

taken during her tour to Egypt..rite?

Anyway, happy birhtday..

Industrial Trip Report

First day :
We went to Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency


after that we went to Kolej Alamanda Uitm..and then later that night we went to Mid valley.

Second day :
went to Aeroprecision Resources
there's nothing much here accept they just told us about that they are producing Licence Aircraft Engineer. that's all..*boring*

Next destination, Avcen Limited Malaysia

*note : do not touch*
They actually designing a new type of aircraft that is quiet and take off and landing in 5 minutes. cant really remember the term. sorry

Another 3months for the first flight.

wind tunnel specifications

End of field trip. now random pictures~

went to lowyat and bought a new graphic card~

i'm officially

How to reduce swelling of gums?

image courtesy : shawnakstudio

I have some swelling in my gums right behind the very last tooth on the bottom row of the left side.

how do i reduce the swelling?

*the industrial trip report will be done after this..still not in the mood with this pain..* :(

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