BlueHyppo Login Bug?

e-browse from bluehyppo..
stupid..does computer internet even exist in 1899?


Euro 2008 'after goal song'

omg..finally i had found the song they played after each goal scored..the song title is

samba de janeiro - Bellini

click on the link and there's is a download link..if the download link not working, leave a comment..maybe i can send it to you. it's gonna be my ringtone now..

i'm still download it now.. :P

For all Russian supporters, you are officially being owned by Spain..


[Want To Sell] CM690 stock fans

ItemCM690 stock led version..
rear and sidepanel fans..

price: offer me pls..

age of item :1month+ old..

dealing method : cod in alor star or penang(nibong tebal) in july..postage also can..but prefer cod

location: alor star.. penang(july)

here's the picture..
user posted image

New router: Aztech ADSL2+

omg, no Internet for about 18hours..die..actually i can live without internet..but when my father subscribed the e-browse newspaper from bluehyppo, he cant read newspaper for today..

so he quickly buy new ADSL to replce Belkin ADSL+router.


anyone know how much this CM690 stock fans? planing to sell it..

“We Are All Geeks” Greeting Card Design Contest

Gearing up for our Merdeka Day launch on August 31st 2008, needs your help.

Photobucket is a site created to market all the great greeting card ideas from anyone around the world. Designs will be moderated for content and professionalism, but once it goes on their site, they’ll pay you a royalty every time someone buys it!

So from now until 17th July 2008, they need you to send in your geekiest greeting card ideas for their first contest, entitled “We Are All Geeks” (full brief below). The best part? You decide the winners! is based on a user-created, user-chosen model. After the submission deadline ends, they'll put your cards on the site for any registered user to vote for, and the highest rated card wins – easy peasy Japaneasy! At the end of the day, you design the cards, and you (and a few more people) decide which ones rock!

Winning designs will be featured in all our promotional materials, and the highest-rated design will be distributed with every Don’t Panic pack in the month of September 2008. To make it worth your while, the winning design will also earn

The Price:
1st Prize - RM2000 cash + WACOM Intuos3 A4 Size (worth RM1699)
2nd Prize - RM1000 cash + WACOM Intuos3 A6 Wide (worth RM1039)
3rd Prize - RM500 cash + WACOM Bamboo Fun Tablet A5 Size (worth RM699)
Consolation prizes x2 - WACOM Bamboo Fun Tablet A6 Size (worth RM399)

Visit Foldees homepage for more info..

khayra big moment

As the title, today is khayra big moment.
huh? what big moment?

Today is her first birthday.
really aa uncle?..hehehe(naughty smile)

happy birthday khayra~! no present for you, since your beloved uncle already gave you CJ7 doll which you put your biscuit all over it. sigh~

grrr..i'll bite u if u dont wanna give me present..


always happy when her feet on the ground

khayra's papa & mama and rock n roll khayra (that's my bro..not me)

i-want-to-poo look~

ps: according to kalin(my bro wife), khayra woke up early this morning with a big smile[sengih²]..haha

Fast Update #2

Nothing much to blog about. just wanna share some funny stuff..

yesterday when to the post office with my parent. while waiting for our turn, we went to the market beside the post office.

and then, came a voice of an old man shouting, "mari-mari sayur-sayur, harga boleh runding" (u can negotiate to buy the vegetables from him).. haha..

here's taken from xperteleven mailbox..

"Silverio Vaqueriza has been given a medal for bravery by the king after saving his cat from a tree. This has made the player so happy, proud and stuck-up that he has completely forgotten to train all week. He loses some form." wtf~

I'm a universal Genius

for the it's ur turn..

IQ Test Score

here's the ranking..

Far Below Average -> Below Average -> Around Average -> Very Smart ->Extremely Brilliant -> Bright Mastermind -> a Regional Genius -> a Universal Genius

test it now at ur score..

ps: i dont use ANY pencil, pen, paper, calculator, or any other thing..just use mouse to click for my answer..

it's being a while..

it's being quite a long time (i mean very long..approx 3 years) I'm using this shoes to play futsal/football/'jogging'/basketball..and with those force being applied on all of the shoe's surface, now it had became like this..

(sorry for the inconvenient picture..haha
look at those 'tapak kasut'(base of the shoes)..there is an absolutely gorgeous hole..

today, i don't need your service anymore China brand shoes..
i present to u, this freaking ugly shoes from China Vietnam..

i won..woot~

while driving along the east-west highway, spotted an elephant..snap picture..


send it to The Star Newspaper, and wallaaa!!

how cool is that..hehe

me won!

here's a 'photoshop'ed version..comments are welcome..tq
here's another shot of the elephant



cool animated optical illusion

This one is really cool animated optical illusion

i want one..hee~


Sorry for not updating this blog for quite a while.

Last Friday, at 4.50am, my grandfather had passed away and i had to go back to Kelantan.

i'll update more tomorrow..still not in the mood to blog.

A few picture = a week only

tired. Kuala Lumpur > Raub > Kuala Lumpur > Kuantan > Kuala Lumpur > Alor Star..

finally i'm back..

the 'apartment' was so beautiful..with the balcony facing the's the best for couple who wanna go for their honeymoon + bring along your siblings + parents..etc
view from the balcony..

the apartment is freaking huge..i mean really huge..


3 rooms, 1 king bed, 1 queen bed, 2 single beds, 2 bathrooms, 1 bathtub, kitchen..refrigerator, door, bell, television, astro summore..+ beautiful scenery = priceless..

so beautiful until my nephew kissed the sliding door..

"early" in the morning, woke up and snap this so-called sunrise..

the next day, a bit early..

The Wedding

The mini zoo
the bear still thinking, eat this banana using leg, or hand..

the ostrich

At the beach..


finally..random picture..


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