Vancouver 2010 Mascot

Vancouver 2010 *winter olympic 2010* Mascot~ 

Pedobear version~ -____-"

Who is PedoBear?
Pedo Bear basically boils down to an Internet predator of minors. P.B, is your a-typical child molester, or basically anyone who does horrible things to minors. On or Offline.
The FBI and Local Police Dept would love to talk to him.
So, if you're PedoBear, You might want to give them a call.

Why A (Cartoon) Bear, You Might Ask?
Well, mainly for the view of Danger, as in someone looking at a Bear. Yes, he may be cute and furry...
but the odds really are.. It'd Rip your Face off.
(ask the bear dude) So The Same Rules Apply

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info :

notes : d2z's blog DO NOT Support Rape or Child Abuse

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