AIRBUS SKY-3845 Remote Control Airplane

yeah, i bought a new rc plane. the price? enough if i said i can pay it using money i get from blogging. :P *its not that expensive though.*

anyway, i bought it online at

here's the packaging:

the package

first layer removed

the box inside the box :p

What's in the box? :
manual, parts and stuff like controller, battery etc

after the assembly

simple review :P
its cheap, only 2 channel (for thrust and rudder)
it uses brushed motor

the 'advertisement' said that it only required 5 minutes of assembly, but it took me more than 5 minutes to assemble it. ._. *me fail?* i dont think so

i'll share with you in my next post what are the flaws of this airplane & problems i encounter during the '5 minutes assembly' + a few mods i did before the flight test

anyhow, this thing could really fly!

enjoy the video.


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