It's really hard day today..
i'm still not feeling very well due to my cough..
and, exacly 1.00pm,
i received a message from my friend told that
my classmate in SAINA (batch 0105) died in an accident. 2 died in the accident
and another 2 badly injured.

2 pelajar UiTM maut, 2 parah kereta terjunam tali air

KANGAR: Dua penuntut Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Arau, dekat sini maut manakala dua lagi parah apabila kereta yang mereka naiki terbabas sebelum terjuman dalam terusan di Jalan Tambun Tulang, jam 7.55 pagi tadi.

Berita Harian

we used to be neighbours,
Sometimes, i can even here you sang a song.
we went to the same school together
and you are my first friend in there.
it's really hard to lose you. and i'm sorry cant help you by the time you need me.

Al-Fatihah to Azmir Syazwan b. Suhaimi

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