Review : Steelseries Ikari Laser

Remember i bought my steelseries qck?
hop on there to see my first steelseries product~ :D

Next steelseries product is.....

Presenting the Ikari Laser~ shiiiing~

This is my third gaming mouse after the Razer Copperhead had some problem with the clicking thingy and the Aztech X7 mouse wire had been exposed.

The packaging are quite simple and elegant~ :p
IMG_3656 copy
i'm not a hardcore gamer but i dunno why i spend so much to buy things like this~ :(

Here's what in the package :

The mouse

The software, sticker, manual, and other product booklet

the mouse does not require any driver, just plug and play. the software are used to set the macro button, CPI, profile etc~

and the silica gel~

before i proceed, click here for official spec and others

I do the pros and cons based on my experience with razer copperhead and aztech x7


-definitely better grip compare to Razer and slightly better than Az X7
-macros button are easily set compare to Aztech X7 which is confusing me.
the razer is user friendly too.. :P
-can set CPI (counts per inch in increment of 1) compare to razer and aztech both of the mouse has certain value of DPI (dots per inch) maybe the term is different, but the concept is the same i think.
-large teflon surface under the mouse.
as in the picture
-can change the CPI on the fly~ woot~
-the 'sleeved' and long cable
-can wrote ur name under the mouse :p

-freaking expensive
-less 2 buttons compare to Razer and same button as Aztech X7
-quite large but it fits my large hand perfectly (according to others, it is too large)
-cant think of any :P

maybe it is not a review..its only based on my experience using this mouse and if you have any question, just hit it~

update : i bought in online at forum~

ps: 2 more papers to go~
ps2: blog aku pelik..sekian..hahaha

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