SteelSeries QcK i just got a parcel from it because of my birthday a few days ago..?

address had been blurred to make sure nobody come and attack me after this..hee~

i thought it is a PSP..

thanx to steelseries for giving such a wonderful birthday present to me..

in the box..

the logo..

the thickness

the surface~

the mouse on her new surf board~..hee~

compare to Razer exactmat+exactrest, this is extremely good because of it cloth surface which gave me more precise control on the mouse. and the price is RM50 cheaper than the razer mouse pad..

the size is big enough for a medium user like me. the mousepad have a rubbery base which make it not moving after a hard abuse on it..haha..

pros : smooth cloth surface, cheap, big, comfortable
cons : cant find any rite now~


SteelSeries QcK highlights:
- M-sized cloth mouse pad
- 320 x 270 x 2 mm / 12,6 x 10,6 x 0,08 in

Material: Cloth with rubber base
Surface treatment: Heat
Dimensions: 320 x 270 x 2 mm / 12,6 x 10,6 x 0,08 in
Size: Medium
Glide: Smooth
Compatibility: All mice technologies

maybe i should get the RM300+ steelseries ikari laser mouse after this..
or the RM700+ steelseries keyboard?
no..i cant afford that..
omg..its Fasting month..i'm not supposed to lie..ok..i buy my own birthday present since nobody wanna give it to me..haha..

9 Response to "SteelSeries QcK"

  1. nikillas says:

    beli untuk diri sendiri..
    aku ingat betul2 la hadiah org kasi..

    d2z says:

    @nikillas mana laa ada org nk bagi adiah..award pon xda..inikan plak

    aimZz says:

    cess...ak pon hmpir tertipoo td...nasib baek bulan pose..ku x..mesti ko da tipoo kitorg idop2 kn..hahahaha

    smaelz83 says:

    hoho.. hebat la ko.. beli brg mouse mantap2...

    aku x da pon mouse semantap tuh..

    d2z says:

    @naim wahaha..x berniat pon..mana tau kot2 steelseries nk bg kat aku mouse ikari 300++ tu..heee

    @smaelz83 wahaha..mousepad nih sbnrnya bli dekat murah laa lebih kurang RM20 dr retail..hee~

    azima says:

    i buy my own birthday present since nobody wanna give it to me..

    hahaha. kesiannnnn lol

    d2z says:

    @azima~ xpa..dpt tgk banner rambut terpacak tu pon da orait~ hee~

    YAN^S says:

    erkkk kenapa kau nak spend money utk mouse pad? aku tak nampak ke effectifannya

    d2z says:

    yan^s > seblm aku beli gaming mouse, aku pon rasa mcm tu jgak..awt laa nk spend byk2 utk bila guna screen 22" tu..mmg laa kena guna mouse yg laju..1600dpi ke atas..klau 800dpi tu..mmg slow sgt..

    utk mousepad tu..xla spend byk sgt..30 ja..mmg rasa beza laa banding guna kertas A4..haha.. lagi pon, mousepad yg RM10 tu kecik..huk2

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